A journey through the bowels of Hell
with The Devil as your guide.

Further resources and reading for Hellbound

These are suggested resources and reading for Hellbound carefully selected by the author, Tim Hawken

Dante Alighieri
This Italian poet's great work The Divine Comedy has been a major influence of the Hellbound Trilogy.

Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost is a classic poem by John Milton, which describes both Heaven and Hell. Much of the foundation set forth by Milton has been taken up as common wisdom about the afterlife.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is one of the greatest writers in all of literature. Hellbound draws parallels to Goethe's work Faust, and also takes the name of one of the main characters, Charlotte, from The Sorrows of Young Werther.

William Blake
Many of the artist William Blake's depictions of Hell have served as inspiration in portraying the underworld in the Hellbound Trilogy.

Gustave Dore
Many of the artist Gustave Dore's depictions of Hell have served as inspiration in portraying the underworld in the Hellbound Trilogy. Dore took inspiration from Dante's Divine Comedy

The Christian Bible
Dogma set out in the Christian Bible lays a foundation for the rules of the afterlife. This dogma has been sometimes taken up and sometimes twisted in the Hellbound Trilogy.

An Index of Demons
Demons are the inhabitants of Hell. This link provides as detailed list of many demons detailed throughout literature.

The Oresteia
The Oresteia is an ancient Greek play about the futility of revenge. Many of the themes presented in the Oresteia can be seen in Hellbound.

This site explores much of the Christian dogma surrounding the underworld of Hell.


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