A journey through the bowels of Hell
with The Devil as your guide.


This is a preview to the chapter Six from the book Hellbound by Tim Hawken.
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THE HEAT HIT ME LIKE A SOLID WALL. It crushed me from all around and burned my throat with each breath, sending ripples of pain though my neck and into my lungs. My eyes watered and sweat began to weep from every pore in my body. I hadn’t moved and I was already exhausted. I turned to face the street. Cars whizzed past at breakneck speed. Ferraris, Hummers and Monster Trucks, vehicles of every shape and size streamed past constantly. It seemed these souls didn’t rest once they were dead. The grey-red light from the boiling sky above washed over the city. Concrete surrounded us. The buildings looked like they had grown from the soil beneath, rather than been constructed from the ground up. Graffiti covered some of the buildings; others were immaculately clean. There was no consistency. It added to my sense of disorientation. I would have collapsed if Satan hadn’t have held my arm to steady me. He guided me off the curb and into an open limousine. The door shut behind me of its own volition.
I sat on black leather seats, letting the cool air-conditioning wash over me. I panted, covered in sweat.
“Warm, isn’t it?” Satan laughed as he wriggled back into his seat. The tinted divider-window in front of us slid down, exposing a humanoid shark’s ugly head. Its sharp teeth were caked in dried blood. The thing’s lips moved but the teeth stayed firmly clenched together as it spoke.
“Where to, Sir?” it asked politely.
I noticed it was even wearing a chauffeur’s cap and suit.
“The Sloth’s Lounge,” Satan said.
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