Hillary's Angel
One woman's search for meaning

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"Although some of the details of life in rural South Africa may seem strange to American readers, the central core of the story - main character Hillary's search for parental wisdom (especially in the face of disability), spiritual awareness, love and a sense of her own place in the scheme of things - sensitively portrays universal themes that will resonate strongly, especially with women."

"The genre of this account seems to first appear to be a drama but there is plenty of action - enough to almost classify it as a thriller. Lynn Sly shows great understanding of the depression, heartache and futility of a mother coping with a brain-damaged child. As Hillary spirals downward, she still maintains an inward strength of character that shines through even though many of her friends have abandoned or ridiculed her. Her angel is a man who rebuffs her advances but constantly shows up throughout the story to aid and protect her when she is lost or threatened."

"I really enjoyed this book by Lynn Sly. It kept me entranced right to the last page.
I found the character of Hillary really intriguing. Such a strong, yet vulnerable woman. Lynn's writing style made me feel as if I was Hillary herself, experiencing the same breadth of emotions that she did.

I'm not sure how to really explain this book to others. In one sense, it is a book about a mother's hope despite all odds. On the other hand it is a story about forbidden love. Then, there is the theme of angels that threads through the whole story. A fascinating read. I look forward to reading Lynn's next novel.

"Hillary’s Angel is a story about a woman’s daily struggle to live a life within the confines of her circumstances. The farm, her husband, her children and her faith are what define her as a person, and she grows in slow acquiescence of that which has been handed to her. One day, her world is turned upside down when her husband hires an assistant named Raphael who changes the way that she thinks and feels. Suddenly, acceptance of her situation is no longer enough. She wants more. As she deals with her mixed emotions, she begins to attain a conviction so strong that she no longer wants to live her life in tired acceptance of the way things are. Every innocent moment spent with Raphael provides a new meaning, and she begins to thrive on their every conversation, every stolen look and glance.

As a woman living in South Africa, Hillary is bound by her faith and duty as a wife, mother and member of her church, as well as by a governing system that has taken charge of her developmentally disabled child. As Hillary’s self confidence grows, she embarks on a search for herself, as well as for ways to enliven the hope that one day her child will get better. She resolves to channel the pain of separation from her child into a quest for answers to his condition. The role of Raphael in her transformation is a prevalent point throughout the book. But did he also influence events in the story that intertwined her life with that of Hans, Paulie, Cecile and Jorg? Did he merely save her from herself or was he there to see to it that Hillary would eventually find her peace? Who is Hillary’s angel?

The author is an eloquent story teller who writes about the essence and spirit of every human being that impacts life’s daily interactions. No matter how fleeting, our character is shaped by the way that people have touched us. The poignancy of Hillary’s plight and her child’s seemingly hopeless condition is delicately expressed in the book. There are however, parts within the book that were long and uneventful. I also felt that the ending was a little bit unresolved. There was no closure between Hillary and Raphael, no conclusion to the events that led to her ending with Robbie. Come to think of it, maybe the author had a point in avoiding a final confrontation with Raphael. After all, maybe Hillary was always in charge of her own destiny and that Raphael was merely an instrument in helping her to realize that she was always in command of her own happy ending.


"Although some of the details of life in rural South Africa may seem strange to American readers, the central core..."

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