I Am Satan
The riveting sequel to Tim Hawken's first novel, Hellbound

About I Am Satan

"My torment is that she is trapped while he is free. It is the worst torture imaginable. I care not for myself, or my own wellbeing, only hers. I will free her, but I do not know how. There must be a way."

Michael has been banished to Hell by the God, Asmodeus. Charged with reforming the lost souls of Damnation, the new 'Satan' instead chooses to make his own fate. His aim is to save his wife Charlotte from Purgatory and in the process take control of the savage demons around him to build an army against the most powerful enemy imaginable. With the aid of his friend Smithy and using advice from the omnipotent Perceptionist, Michael takes charge of his destiny. But will it be enough?

This sequel to the epic novel, Hellbound, takes the dilemma of afterlife to the next level. A battle which sets the scene for Armageddon.

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About the Author,

Born in Australia, Tim Hawken is a philosophical wunderkid. His creative writing not only entertains, it probes the deepest questions to life. His wit and humour often disguise the serious nature of his work.

Tim holds a Bachelor Degree in Art and Commerce from Deakin University, majoring in Literature, Journalism and Marketing.

Raised in a small coastal town near Melbourne, Tim’s childhood passion was surfing. He won a state junior championship in the sport, and competed on the professional junior circuit in Australia. During his travels, Tim fell in love with reading and writing. This pursuit led him to enrol in Literature Studies at university, where his creative writing garnered the attention of the professors and tutors.

His first novel was born while on the road, written on aeroplanes and hotel rooms. Titled Hellbound, the book was discovered on an online writer’s forum by Dangerous Little Books author CJ Werleman (God Hates You, Hate Him Back), who immediately recommended it to his publisher. It has already received strong praise from a steadily growing fan base of readers.

He is no doubt a future superstar of fiction.

"Struggling to find a good read at the moment, I was excited to see the sequel to Hellbound available on..."

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