I Am Satan
The riveting sequel to Tim Hawken's first novel, Hellbound

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"Struggling to find a good read at the moment, I was excited to see the sequel to Hellbound available on kindle. And like Hellbound, I couldn't put this down! In this second book in the triology, Hawken has slowed his writing pace, making the reading experience that much more enjoyable. And like Hellbound, he hasn't failed to keep the surprises coming. The new characters introduced by Hawken in I Am Satan show further wit and satire on religion, definitely putting a smile on my face. I can't wait to see what he is going to do in the third book. I checked out his website timhawken.com and was excited to see there are talks of turning the triology into a Hollywood blockbuster... bring it on!! "

"This sequel to Tim Hawken's first book Hellbound was all I had hoped for. The writing is a bit more mature than the first but it doesn't lose any of its excitement or amazing visual producing qualities.

We follow Michael again on his continued journey to save his love Charlotte. This time though he has become the reluctant ruler of Hell. I was happy to see the return of The Perceptionist, who was one of my favourite characters from the first book. The additions of Judas Escariot and Mary Magdalene are just brilliant and it was great to get some background on the hilarious pilot Smithy. I can't wait to see how the series ends. My only complaint is that I'm going to have to wait until the final instalment comes out. I want to read it now! :(

Once again this book ISN'T for the light hearted or hard line Christian type.

"Every now and then you read a book and think to yourself, ‘Man, this is a Hollywood blockbuster in the making’. This is such a book. It’s that good! Brilliantly, Hawken blends drama, theology, and philosophy into a thrilling tale that probes the greatest question of all – what happens after death?"


"Every now and then you read a book and think to yourself, ‘Man, this is a Hollywood blockbuster in the..."

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