I Am Satan
The riveting sequel to Tim Hawken's first novel, Hellbound

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1. One
"I am powerless to achieve my aims, so I gather other strength. My love, my soul, my Charlotte lies in Limbo, while I’m stuck in Hell. My torment is that ... " - read more
2. Two
"I strode through the air towards Satan’s old home, walking above the inferno of Hell. The heat pressed against me. It threatened to consume me. ... " - read more
3. Three
"“Why did you leave me? Why did you leave me to Satan?” Charlotte implored with sadness in her eyes. Her glorious beauty was tempered by her ... " - read more
4. Four
"Marlowe led me into a grey room with a dining table and chairs set in the center. In the far right hand corner a man sat mumbling to himself. He ... " - read more
5. Five
"I pushed through the freezing thickness of the gateway. The cold flowed over my body like liquid ice. Eyes closed tightly, I stumbled through the layer and then ... " - read more
6. Six
"A bead of sweat ran down my forehead. I had all my energy channeled onto the small glowing orb in front of me. It was a concoction of life and ... " - read more
7. Seven
"I was shocked. I didn’t know how to answer The Perceptionist’s comment. “I can sense thought and emotion?” I asked. “What do you mean?” ... " - read more
8. Eight
"I stumbled out of the portal to face Marlowe and The Perceptionist. Marlowe was sitting at the stark table, looking up at his ... " - read more
9. Nine
"My chest constricted with anxiety as our car pulled to a stop in front of the Oresteia nightclub. Not knowing what to expect when entering this ... " - read more
10. Ten
"The corridor spiraled downward. Rusty metal walls curved away from us on one side and toward us on the other. Gradually, as we walked, the walls altered in ... " - read more
11. Eleven
"Minos stopped in his tracks as The Perceptionist’s pronouncement rang across the courtroom. He spun around to look up and around the room, still unable to ... " - read more
12. Twelve
"I jolted awake. A sharp, white light filled my vision. I blinked and shook my head clear. Opening my eyes again, The Perceptionist’s eye-covered form came ... " - read more
13. Thirteen
"Smithy. The geriatric pilot, who had flown me to Satan’s castle during my first day in Hell. He was one of the kindest people I had ever met, and I ... " - read more
14. Fourteen
"Marlowe stopped the car in front of Smithy’s rickety office. The scrap metal of decrepit planes was littered about the site around us. The figure of ... " - read more
15. Fifteen
"I’d spoken for close to four hours straight by the time I finished. Smithy had not interrupted once. He did not judge. He did not offer opinion. He listened and ... " - read more
16. Sixteen
"The blades of the helicopter hummed above our heads as we took off from Smithy’s airfield. His office fell away to a pinprick. The savage jungle of ... " - read more

"Struggling to find a good read at the moment, I was excited to see the sequel to Hellbound available on..."

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