Jew in Jail
The True Story Of My Nearly Six Years In Prison For Robbery Due To Alcohol & Drug Addiction And My Attempts To Get Clean

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"Gary Goldstein is a refreshing presence to the literary world. He's accomplished what so many continue to seek - that rare ability to create magic with nothing more than a pen and paper. Be on the lookout for this rising star!"

"A must read by Gary Goldstein who expertly lays bare the anatomy of a nightmare of his own making. More credible and moving than a sociologist's field experiment or a field study, this powerful book is shockingly raw and full of sizzling details. My former top student lived his Count of Monte Cristo day-by-day prison experience under constant threat that tour-de-force would be destroyed!"

"A brilliant account of the criminal justice system from the inside. A riveting read - sometimes chilling, always compelling."

"I hope JEW IN JAIL reaches addicts' families and friends and all other interested parties and that Goldstein gets a chance to tour colleges, schools and prison to discuss this work...his life is a testament to the power of the individual to choose change, to seek help when illness creeps up instead of falling back into old destructive patterns, and to never be a JEW IN JAIL again.

"I loved this book. It is an epic read, but every detail, no matter how small, is necessary to the book to give you a real sense of just what prison is like, and what feelings it stirs up.

I would recommend this read to anyone, it provoked so many debates in my household that my husband and I are still not speaking (joke!).

I guarantee you though, that you will be rooting for Gary to get home to his family and rebuild his life. Not everyone is a lost cause, and Gary Goldstein is living breathing proof.

A great cautionary tale for addicts, potential or otherwise that a person from any walk of life can lose their way and find themselves on the edge, looking in, wondering what the hell happened.


"This is a powerful story of one man’s struggle to defeat obstacles, both inner and outer.

There is a lesson to all of consequences and individual responsibility. `If you are down at the bottom, there is only one way to go – up’.

Using courage and insight, Goldstein proves to himself and others it’s possible. Faith and hope are encouraging aspects of his journey

"The many characters that Author Goldstein describes come alive, warts and all, and the plot builds slowly as Gary rebuilds his life and awaits freedom.

"Jew in Jail" is truthful, probing testimony to Gary Goldstein's honesty about himself and the man he slowly becomes. A deep but highly worthwhile read!


"The many characters that Author Goldstein describes come alive, warts and all, and the plot builds slowly as Gary rebuilds..."

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