Making the Most of Google Adwords
A no nonsense, no waffle guide

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About Making the Most of Google Adwords

Important Note for August 2013: This book is completely up to date and contains details on how to use Google's Keyword Planner and Display Planner features. Books written before August 2013 talk about Google's Keyword Tool which has now been removed from the Google Adwords System.

This is a no nonsense, no waffle, no blank-pages guide aimed at individuals and small businesses that have tried Google Adwords, found it to be expensive while giving little in return, and walked away. There is no hard sell here for any product, just a simple step by step guide showing how you can keep your Pay Per Click budget under control, bid less but rank higher, and ultimately find the keywords and advertisements that will bring any website owner a return on their Adwords investment.

About the Author,

I'm Tim Hill, a search engine optimisation specialist. I handle SEO work for individuals and small to medium sized organisations around the world.

It's work that often involves Search Engine Marketing together with Google Adwords. And it's work that often needs a deep understanding of multiple services such as Analytics and Webmaster Tools as well as complex spreadsheet analysis.

What is isn't is a black art and my aim is to make the process understandable in everyday language. To this end I set up the “How to SEO” website ( so anyone can get their heads round how to rank better.

Ultimately, depending on your industry or field, it can be fairly simple or incredibly complicated but I will leave it to you to learn or conclude that this part of your life or business is better contracted out to someone like me ;-).
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