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Bidding less and ranking higher

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Now this is what we all want to do. Bid less than our competitors for keywords but appear higher than them in the paid search listings. Luckily it is possible.

Going back to the last chapter we looked at the Quality Score of each keyword in our campaign and how this was made up of a mixture of factors. One is your bid amount but the other three are:
  • Ad relevance
  • Expected click through rate
  • Landing page experience

Ad relevance

We looked earlier at how Google will not show an advertisement, no matter how high the bid, if it doesn't feel it is relevant to the keyword being searched by an internet user.

So if someone wants to advertise a brand of cola when a user searches “maths tutor” Google simply isn't going to display the ad.

Your aim is to take this principle a step further and make your advertisements more “relevant” to the keyword you are targeting than your competitor's adverts.

To do this it's worth creating several ads in every Ad Group and monitoring how well each advertisement performs. This will help give you direction to further develop new and ever more relevant adverts.

Remember an advertisement without the keyword in it is likely to be seen as not relevant so try and get the keyword into the advertisement title and the text but not to the point where it appears spam like.

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What else is in the chapter 'Bidding less and ranking higher'?

Expected click through rate

In Adwords click on a Campaign ...

Landing page experience

As we have already discussed you can use Analytics to discover which landing pages work for which keywords, when to build more landing pages and how to experiment so that ...


The more you hone and improve these three factors the higher your quality score will rise allowing you to rank higher even if you are bidding less than some of ...



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