Making the Most of Google Adwords
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Contracting out PPC work

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Well we have covered some 25 odd pages and used up over 10,000 words to discover ways in which you can make the most of Google Adwords.

There are numerous other considerations such as adding extensions to your advertisements or including touch to call features on mobile advertisements. These are further fine tuning that you are now ready to take on and learn about because you should, by this point, be running PPC campaigns that are worthwhile and on solid foundations.

And it is at this point that you are probably realising what a monumental job it is for medium and large companies. Some employ complete teams who literally create advertisements as keywords trend upwards during a day or week following a particular event or story. Others beaver away at analysing, polishing and re-analysing longer term campaigns.

For most individuals or small companies running your PPC campaign is part of what you do. Where once you spent time creating newspaper adverts or attending exhibitions you might well now give up some or part of it to concentrate on developing your Adwords.

Alternatively, having read this booklet you may decide that you need to contract out your PPC work as you can see it is valid but do not have the time and resource to make it work the way it should.

If that is the path you wish to tread do so with a great deal of caution. The best way to approach SEM (Search Engine Marketing) firms is to make a selection of questions based on the knowledge you have learnt in this mini guide and see how they answer. In this way you have achieved two goals:
  • found out if they actually understand PPC beyond just “bidding higher”
  • made them aware that you understand the principles and so cannot be hood winked or bluffed by jargon.
And of course if all else fails, and you think that what you have read makes sense, you can always contact me for a quote!

But whatever you do, good luck with making the most out of Google Adwords.


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