mmmintroduction Introduction - Making the Most of Google Adwords
Making the Most of Google Adwords
A no nonsense, no waffle guide


This is a preview to the Introduction from the book Making the Most of Google Adwords by Tim Hill.
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Most small businesses that I speak to set up a Google Adwords account and create their first campaign only to watch it drain money from their credit card or out of their bank account with little or no positive results.

Their next step is to switch off the campaign and walk away, concluding that Adwords “doesn't work for me or my business”.

In almost all cases the truth is that Adwords has been misused, perhaps misunderstood, and an opportunity has been lost. It can be an extremely powerful tool generating large numbers of targeted visitors who buy products and services, sign up to subscriptions or do whatever it is you want them to do.

I don't work for Google and I don't get any money if you use Adwords. This is not a hard sell booklet for any Adwords related product. It's simply the way I explain things to my clients so they understand how to get the most out of pay per click advertising with Google.

This mini guide will show you:
  • How to choose keywords that are effective for you
  • How to rank higher than your competitor's ads but bid lower
  • How to refine your advertisement so it's more effective
  • How to make your advertisement work better on mobile devices
  • How to avoid paying high “first page” bids
  • How to track which keywords work and which ones don't
  • How to improve the performance of your product listings in Google Shopping
  • How to use PPC so you rank higher organically (which means you won't need PPC any more!)

Please note this is not a guide on how to set up Google Adwords. I will assume you have already done so, and I will assume you have already experienced some level of disappointment. Although if you are just starting out with Adwords this booklet will help you set up your first campaign correctly.

It is also not a “definitive guide” to Google Adwords and should not be read as such. This is aimed at individuals and small businesses who simply need to bring down costs and get a positive return from their advertisements.

Once you have achieved this you will feel comfortable moving around within Adwords and Google Analytics giving you a stronger level of confidence to try other features on offer such as Ad Extensions or Dimensions.

Our overall aim is to reduce your Pay Per Click budget while improving the conversion rate of visitors who come to your website via an advertising campaign. Conversion can be whatever you want it to be – buying a product or service, clicking in an ad, signing up to a newsletter, becoming a facebook fan, etc.

And who am I to be telling you all of this? I'm a search engine optimisation specialist that actually knows what he is doing as opposed to some who simply theorise. Try searching Google for “How to SEO my website” or “SEO example” and you will find my sites in the top 10 – sometimes even at number one!

I run PPC campaigns for clients around the globe and train others so they can do it themselves.

Feel free to visit my site at for more information on my work with both organic SEO and PPC before you buy this booklet. There's no point taking advice from anyone who can't prove that what they are talking about is real, visible, tried and tested.

As always there is a fair amount of jargon to be handled. We haven't even made it through the introduction without using SEO, PPC and conversion rate! But if you come unstuck anywhere I've included a glossary at the back of the guide so you can check your understanding of the lingo.

So let's get straight down to it and find out how to get more out of Adwords … and pay less!


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