Making the Most of Google Adwords
A no nonsense, no waffle guide

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This is the table of contents for Making the Most of Google Adwords. Dip into the various chapters and access free preview sections of Making the Most of Google Adwords and be sure that this is the right book for you.


1. Think about who you listen to
"In the introduction to this mini guide I recommended that you check me out before you purchased this book. That's not to show off, it's a sensible first step before ... " - read more
2. Understanding Keywords
Trophy terms • Loss making keywords • Effective keywords
3. Selecting Keywords
Google's Keyword Tool • Google's Keyword Planner • A basic keyword search • Google Trends (Insights) • Back to Google Adwords • Broad Match alternatives • Some words of caution
4. Where to put your advertisements?
The Display Network Opportunities and Restrictions • The Display Planner
5. The First Page Bid
Is first page important to you? • How Google calculates the first page bid • Getting round high first page bid costs • Minimum bidding in the Display Network
6. Testing your Keywords
Understanding Campaigns and Ad Groups
7. Gathering the data
Why isn't my Adwords performing? • How Google Analytics and Google Adwords work together • How to connect Adwords and Analytics
8. Understanding the results
What's good and what's bad • Finding out what is going wrong • Which keywords are performing • Checking how the search results look • Global visitor behaviour
9. Bidding less and ranking higher
Ad relevance • Expected click through rate • Landing page experience
10. Google Product Listings and Adwords
"If you have a Merchant Center account with Google so that your products appear in Google Shopping you will no doubt be aware that they only appear there now on ... " - read more
11. Using PPC to get organic rankings
SEO and the landing page
12. Contracting out PPC work
"Well we have covered some 25 odd pages and used up over 10,000 words to discover ways in which you can make the most of Google Adwords. ... " - read more


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