Making the Most of Google Adwords
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Testing your Keywords

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Now we're clear on how to choose keywords correctly and how to handle keywords that could have an expensive minimum first page bid it's time to test out a campaign.

Choose Campaigns in the top green menu, All online campaigns in the left hand menu and the Campaigns tab in the center window followed by+ New Campaign.

You will see that the first options before you go anywhere is to choose where you want your advertisements to show and this takes us back to the chapter about the minimum first page bid. You can change these settings later if you find the first page minimum bid is excessive.

From here you will find setting up a campaign is self-explanatory. The part about Bidding and Budget is something we will look at later when we get an idea on how the keywords are performing so put in some nominal figure to start off with.

Understanding Campaigns and Ad Groups

This is the part that often confuses people and they can end up with a messy and confusing set up where it is difficult to follow what is going on.

So you will need to set up different Campaigns if:
  • They are targeting different networks (e.g. one will target the display network but the other will target both display and search networks).
  • They are targeting different geographical locations (e.g. one is targeting Canada while the other is targeting the US).
  • They are targeting different devices (e.g. one is targeting mobile/cell 'phones while the other is targeting laptop and PC users).

  • You can set up different Ad Groups within a campaign to:
    • show different advertisements for different keywords.
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