Making the Most of Google Adwords
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Understanding Keywords

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At its most basic Google Adwords is all about keywords. You will need to choose keywords and phrases that will trigger one of your advertisements. These will either be shown next to the search results in Google or on a website that shows Google ads. You will be able to select either or both.

So choosing the correct keywords and phrases is vital. It will take time but it is your investment here that will save you substantial costs later. Tempting as it may be, don't skip the detail.

Correct Keyword or phrase selection will make sure:
  • you do not try and compete in areas beyond your budget;
  • you target internet users most relevant to you;
If you're new to Adwords check the glossary at the back of this booklet for an explanation of keywords and other jargon as you come across it.

In this chapter we'll cover:
  • How to avoid chasing keywords that you “think” are effective - known as "Trophy Terms".
  • Why you might want to have a loss making keyword.
  • How to decide what an “effective” keyword is.
    • Trophy terms

      These are the hardest to let go of. They are terms that you want to appear for in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) because, consciously or unconsciously, you are vain.

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What else is in the chapter 'Understanding Keywords'?

Loss making keywords

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Effective keywords

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