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Using PPC to get organic rankings

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Google Adwords PPC Campaigns are regularly used by people or organisations that want to get good organic rankings fast. It can best be described as “buying your way into the top rankings because you actually deserve to be there”.

To explain. When a page is launched and Google sends its' robot to crawl it the first visit is to try and ascertain what the page is about. If the on-page SEO has been carried out correctly this will be clear to the robot.

As a next step Google shows it from time to time in the search results to gauge user behaviour to it. Do users respond well or do they back out within seconds. Do they stay on the page or immediately click an advertisement or link to move on?

This testing process can last several weeks while Google collects data and compare the page's performance to those of the competition. It will then move the page to a place in the rankings that reflects it's popularity and if this is #100+ you've got problems.

It means that once your natural position has been decided, if this is far down the list, there will be very little future user behaviour to persuade Google you should be going anywhere.

So a PPC campaign can either help an existing page or assist in the launch of a new page by accelerating the process of giving data to Google. When the advertisement is up and running Google will be collecting that data immediately from Adwords. From this it can draw a more rapid conclusion as to where your page should rank.

But note it may still conclude that your page should rank at #100+. Using Adwords does not guarantee that you will have a great organic ranking, it just means your correct ranking will be decided faster, even if the result is disappointing.
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