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What does 'PPI' mean?

Find out what PPI means. PPI is explained by Tim Hill - author of Making the Most of Google Adwords


Stands for Pay Per Impression. This is where you make a payment every time your advertisement is shown and you pay nothing if an internet user clicks on it. You may need to carry out a fair amount of trial and error to decide whether PPC or PPI gives you a better return for each keyword you are pursuing.

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"... You can also choose to pay per impression (each time your advertisement is shown) as opposed to the standard pay per click. Pay per impression (PPI) tends to be a much cheaper option if you simply want to spread awareness about something but not necessarily have someone click through. PPI ..."
"...PPI buys a great deal more airtime so is most often used by firms who simply want to maintain their brand awareness, such as Dell Computers. The objective of their campaign is not to have people click through to their site but for consumers to remain aware of the Dell ..."
"... the same way as Coca Cola hires billboards. Experimenting between PPI and PPC is worthwhile to see which one offers the most effective results for your field or industry. But often it comes down to roughly the same amount per actual click achieved. ..."

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