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What does 'SEO' mean?

Find out what SEO means. SEO is explained by Tim Hill - author of Making the Most of Google Adwords


Stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is the process of making a website or a particular page rank higher in Google's organic search results (i.e. not the PPC advertisements). It's the ideal position because a high rank in the organic search results means you get visitors for free. SEO should not be confused with SEM.

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"... from anyone. I belong to, and read, a number of forums on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC). All too often I see new members asking questions and then taking bad advice because they assume any member of a forum must know what they are talking about. Far from it. ..."

"... actually deserve to be thereā€. To explain. When a page is launched and Google sends its' robot to crawl it the first visit is to try and ascertain what the page is about. If the on-page SEO has been carried out correctly this will be clear to the robot. As a next step Google shows it ..."
"... your paid search ranking by improving your quality score. It will help your organic ranking because user behaviour is better. - SEO and the landing page - If you have some background knowledge of search engine optimisation techniques you will know how to do the on-page work that will ..."
"...will go some way to reassuring the search engines but it is user behaviour which is the ultimate judge so if your colour scheme makes the eyes water, your graphics look unprofessional and your content is in poorly written English (or whatever language your website is in) your on-page SEO isn't going to help you. ..."
"... navigate. Contain obvious and attractive calls to action. Always remember on-page SEO is as much about making the content clear to search engines as it is about creating an environment that generates positive user behaviour. ..."

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