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What does 'Trending keywords' mean?

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Trending keywords

These are keywords that are either getting more or less popular over time. So if Keyword X was searched 1,000 times on Google last year and 2,000 times on Google this year it is trending up. Google Trends can help you see what is happening with the keywords you are pursuing.

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"... be... Suggestions of other keywords that are related and might make better alternatives. If the number of times that keyword is searched is Trending (getting more or less popular over time). - A basic keyword search - Let's start by carrying out a basic search. In the left hand ..."
"... or phrase is becoming more or less popular. While you might think this is incredibly useful it can also be very misleading. For example a keyword may be Trending upwards but where? On Google Search, Google News, Google Shopping, YouTube, etc. To find out more we need to step outside ..."
"... A map of the world showing in which countries the query is most popular. A list of other related searches (also good for getting alternative keyword ideas) and which searches are Trending up the most right now. The first graph itself can be a little misleading as it is not showing the ..."
"... aware of the trends and/or seasonality. It's often useful, for example, to know that something is Trending up so although today very few people are searching for it there may be signs that it will become a much more popular search in the future. This knowledge will have an impact both on ..."
"... - Now we have some idea of which keywords we might realistically be able to pursue and if they are Trending in any particular direction. But what you are looking at in Google Adwords is not all it seems. The figures in the 'Suggested bid' column are known as Broad Matches. - Broad ..."
"... doesn't have anything to say on it in its Adwords system. This might be because the phrase is Trending and there is not enough history for the Keyword Planner but most of the time it is just a level of incompleteness at Google's end. ..."

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Trending keywords


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