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Where to put your advertisements?

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Now we have a way to select good keywords and phrases we're nearly ready to create our first advertisement ... nearly but not quite. What your advertisement will look like will be restricted by where you want it to show. Your options are:
  • Google Search - next to the search results in a standard Google search. This will mean text based ads.
  • Google Search and Google Partners - as above but also other search engines that use Google search to drive or enhance their results. Again this will mean text ads.
  • Google Display Network - websites that show Google advertisements.

The Display Network Opportunities and Restrictions

Websites that display Google Ads give you the opportunity to create banners, something you cannot do in the search network. The Display Network can also be, sometimes, much cheaper than the search network on a cost per click basis especially as you will not be hampered by Google's first page bid requirements (this is covered in the next chapter).

But these websites can also place restrictions on you. Some do not allow text advertisements, some only banners of certain types and dimensions, etc. Hence it is worth checking out their costs and restrictions now so you can consider this avenue and see if it might be an effective way to advertise.

Note also that any website in the display network can block you at any time if they feel your advertisements aren't earning them any money, you are a competitor, your content is inappropriate or for any other reason they feel like.

The Display Planner

Within Google Adwords open Tools and Analysis in the top menu but this time select Display Planner.

Enter your keyword or phrase, make sure the 'Campaign targeting' settings are correct and click the white button 'Get placement ideas'.

This will bring up a list of websites that show Google ads and who Google thinks are related to your keyword phrase.
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