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Sometimes…the past… doesn’t stay in the past…

Taking an English Lit Professorship at a prestigious East Coast college seemed like a good idea to California native Alexandria Escalantè. The position came through a good friend, and was the ideal escape from her drug using abusive ex-boyfriend, and a family who believes she’s basically incompetent because she can’t keep a man.

Alexandria gains allies in a strong circle of new friends, and begins to feel like she can truly start over. Especially, once she meets fellow college Professor Dantè Poptoppolous.

East Coast life is just the thing for Alexandria, and she realizes that for the first time in her life she actually fits in somewhere. She’s finally happy with her life; that’s until the ex-boyfriend shows up and wants her back…dead or alive.

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About the Author,

Author for EternalPress, a division of Damnation Books, LLC. I Teach Literature/Art History at the College Level.

My novels;

Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn, Teacher’s Pet, Teach Me the Night, To Teach is Divine, Precede with Caution, Teaching Can be Murder, Teach me to Run, A Kiss Between Midnight and Dawn, The Gargoyle Keeper, Red Ryzin, Blackwind's Song, Cycles of Change, Carousel, Loose Connections, Hidden Shadows, Renewal and Nuaduh's Revenge;

are Paranormal thrillers, that deal with the Celtic and Finnish legends of long ago, Ast’s infamous Book of Magick, the Diary of Sir Wyatt, and lost images of both time and history. I believe that my books are a fresh new take on this genre. Not only do they bring a feel for the urban, (and when I say urban, I mean true urban lol)but they incorporate the journey of the myths themselves, entertaining, and educating at the same time.

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