Murder Over the Border
Middle-East Murder Mystery


This is a preview to the chapter II from the book Murder Over the Border by Richard Steinitz.
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Yossi Abulafia tried to open his eyes. The first attempt ended in failure and extreme pain, as he was apparently staring at some very bright light. Maybe this was the sun, he thought. The second attempt was slightly more successful, since he turned his head slightly and therefore was not immediately blinded. However this was even more painful and he passed out from the effort.

When he awoke again, he tried a third time, and managed to keep his eyes open without the feeling that someone was sawing the top of his head off without the benefit of anesthesia. Everything around him was white and bright, but more than that he could not make out.

“Glad to see that you have decided to return to the land of the living,” said a familiar voice.

With a great deal of effort, Yossi replied: “Not to coin a cliché or any thing like that, but where the hell am I?”

His friend, legal advisor, and owner of the gray BMW, Yehiel Avisar, said: “Hadassah Hospital, Ein Karem, Jerusalem, and it's Monday the 22nd of November. And to spare you further effort, I'll let you in on a secret ... You've been here for six days, in a coma most of the time, and the doctors had serious reservations as to whether you were worth working on any more.”

“What happened to me? The only thing I can remember is the sight of a silver flying saucer heading straight for my head.”
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