Murder Over the Border
Middle-East Murder Mystery


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Yossi spent the rest of the week resting and recuperating and on Saturday, both his daughters and their families came for lunch. The effort of having to tell his story for the umpteenth time and having his daughters, sons-in-law and granddaughters around, with all the commotion and noise that came with them, proved to be too much for him and he collapsed into bed at 7:30 in the evening. Before he fell asleep, he reflected that there were times when he regretted marrying so young – having your first child at the age of 23 has its advantages, but grandchildren at 47 can make you old before your time.

The two weeks of compulsory rest at home had left Yossi champing at the bit, eager to get back to his job, and Mira anxious to have him out of the house so she could get on with her research. Sunday morning he was up at 6:30 (normal for him for a workday) and by 7:30 was parking his car in the spot reserved for him in the parking lot at the Russian Compound. This is the home of the Jerusalem C.I.D., so named because it is housed in a former Russian Orthodox Monastery which was taken over in 1948 by the Israeli Police Force and has remained on permanent lease to them ever since. He stiffly walked up the one flight of steps to his office and entered the small room, expecting to find a great pile of papers on his desk with the weekend's crime reports. Instead, the desk top was suspiciously clean and all that was on it was a bunch of flowers in a vase and a note in a sealed envelope attached to the bow around them. The note read: “Welcome Back – report to the divisional medical officer” and was signed by his boss, the head of the Jerusalem District Police Department, Chief Superintendent Michael Schwartz.

What had started out as a day he looked forward to for Commander Yossi Abulafia turned into one of gloom, as the Doctor put him through a long and tiring series of tests. The standard blood pressure and EKG were followed by stress tests and endurance trials on stationary bicycles. The numerous X-rays that had been taken during his stay in the hospital had somehow arrived before him at Police Headquarters and they were now joined by a new lot, taken from every conceivable angle of both his head and his neck, which had also been injured in his fall. By the time three o'clock came around, both Yossi and the Medical Officer had had enough.

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