Murder Over the Border
Middle-East Murder Mystery

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1. I
"Through the lens he saw the little antelope approaching. Its markings were perfect, with two little pointed ears standing as if antennae. As he thought of the word “antennae”, it ... " - read more
2. II
"Yossi Abulafia tried to open his eyes. The first attempt ended in failure and extreme pain, as he was apparently staring at some very bright light. Maybe this was the ... " - read more
3. III
"Mira had indeed returned on Tuesday, and came to pick Yossi up from the hospital on Wednesday. By the time all the formalities were done, it was already noon before ... " - read more
4. IV
"Yossi spent the rest of the week resting and recuperating and on Saturday, both his daughters and their families came for lunch. The effort of having to tell his story ... " - read more
5. V
"The Interpol appointment turned out to be a real sinecure. Along with a fairly decent office came a secretary (shared with the commander in charge of internal affairs) and a ... " - read more
6. V
"Sunday morning he was up as usual, but feeling better than he had in months. On his way to his office in the Russian Compound he stopped off at Photo ... " - read more
7. VI
"The next morning he drove to work and parked the car as usual. Instead of going upstairs to his office, he walked back to the Jaffa Road and up to ... " - read more
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