Murder Over the Border
Middle-East Murder Mystery

What motivated you to write Murder Over the Border


I spent time in an army outpost and instead of watching the other side of the border, watched the gazelles romping through the minefields. The situation where I was watching what was happening on the other side of the border seemed to me a perfect setting for a murder mystery.

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Chapter 1: I
"...He turned back to what he was supposed to be doing – watching the highway on the Jordanian side of the border. It was boring work, since there was little traffic on the road that leads from Irbid on the Jordanian plateau down the rift valley to Aqaba. Once or twice an hour, a vehicle would drive down the road. If it ..."
"...where he was sitting, but they came within about fifty meters. The minefields between the inside ring of barbed wire and a second one further out didn’t bother the little animals, as they weren’t heavy enough to set them off. The telescope that was supposed to be used for watching Jordanian trucks could be turned just enough so that he could get a close-up view of the antelopes and what he saw had changed his attitude to wildlife forever. Whereas before he had been, if anything, disinterested, he was now totally and completely enraptured by the beauty of the ..."
"...On this particular day traffic had been extremely light, and Yossi had spent even more time than usual watching the antelopes. After the last “shot”, which he hoped had captured the head of a particularly beautiful doe, his conscience awoke and he returned, albeit regretfully, to watching the Jordanian highway. Since it was already the end of November, light would fade fast in the afternoon, and he hoped ..."

Chapter 2: II
"...“The driver did something with his hand...the right one I think. He reached into his pocket - no, into his jacket and...” Yossi stopped suddenly, as it all came back to him, as if he were watching a film. The hand went behind the driver's back, then reached out in front of him, with the gun pointed at the passenger. ..."

Chapter 4: IV
"...again and it was a struggle for him to stay awake for the nine o'clock television news. Mira caught him as he was dropping off again half-way through the news and sent him to bed, even before the weather report which followed the news. In a country where news watching is habitual and the winter weather reports are followed like football scores, his behavior would have been considered strange under normal circumstances. As a policeman, whose day-to-day actions were governed to a great extent by a combination of both, his behavior could have been considered absurd, or dereliction of ..."
"...Jerusalem Police Force. It was just high enough, so that if he stuck his head out the window at an awkward angle, he could see the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. When Commander Abulafia knocked on his door that morning, he was looking out of the window, watching some migrating storks on their way south to Africa. “Come in Yossi,” he shouted, so that his voice would carry to the other side of the door. “You've managed to get me interested in wildlife too, and I'm spending more time than I should watching the birds.” ..."

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"The first reviewer of this book at Amazon wrote: I enjoyed this. Surprises abound and Mr. Steinitz captures the Israeli character..."

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