Perking the Pansies
Jack and Liam move to Turkey

Is English widely spoken in Turkey?


English is widely spoken in most of the popular resorts and English is increasingly the foreign language of choice for Turks. However, learning a few words of conversational Turkish will be appreciated. It's just as well that Turks are so obliging given Jack and Liam's terrible language skills. Read about it in Perking the Pansies, Jack and Liam move to Turkey.

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Chapter 13: Come Dine with Me
"... sweet pea.” Frustrated father Liam, lifted up the little bundle and danced her around the room. His renowned language skills came into their own as the two of them sat on the sofa and exchanged animated baby-babble. I left the makeshift nursery and went to check on Alan. “Suits you, this ..."

Chapter 18: Paradise Lost
"...Our halcyon days came to a screeching halt when The Turkish Daily News, the largest English language newspaper in Turkey, ran an article about homosexuality. The Turkish Minister for Children called it a disease that could be cured. Reactions to her comment were mixed. The Minister for Health contradicted her statement and a small demonstration in Istanbul (not quite Stonewall, but never mind) did make the ..."

"...Google had taught English in Izmir, had various dalliances with an assortment of Romeos and relocated to Bodrum to eke out an existence as a reformed VOMIT, determinedly single-minded and resolutely single. Liam liked her. She was bright, warm and funny and had an impressive command of the Turkish language. ..."
"... single. Liam liked her. She was bright, warm and funny and had an impressive command of the Turkish language. “Turkish belongs to the Altaic language family,” she told Liam. “You don’t say.” She smiled. “I do say. Are you teasing me, young man?” “Hanging on to every ..."

"...could have our place in the sun, but not as fully paid up members of the embittered emigrey imperials. They might dump their unwanted pasts at check-in and blame Blighty for all their woes, but we weren’t about to join them. Nor could we become plastic Turks. Our dismal language skills and very obvious union precluded it. No, we occupied the space in between, neither fish nor fowl. We were content with that. For now. ..."

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Turkish Language

"With a sharp eye (and only sometimes a sharper tongue) and a deft and witty touch, he succeeds..."

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