Perking the Pansies
Jack and Liam move to Turkey

Is smoking common in Turkey


Cigarette smoking is ubiquitous in Turkey, particularly among men. Despite the government’s efforts to reduce consumption by banning smoking inside public places, increasing taxation and improving health education, most people continue to light up. The price of a packet of cigarettes, though more expensive than a few years ago, is still relatively cheap at around £1.70. Unlike in the West, smoking is still widely tolerated and is commonplace among the young. The smoking culture comes as a bit of shock to many visitors to Turkey and did nothing to help Jack and Liam quit the dreaded weed. Find out how they got on in Perking the Pansies, Jack and Liam move to Turkey.

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Chapter 4: Indian Summer
"...Lonely electric wires dangled aimlessly from the cracked ceiling and an ancient typewriter sat neglected in the corner. Next to me was a glass-fronted office where five or six petty bureaucrats sat working at their desks. I use the word ‘working’ euphemistically. All I witnessed was gossiping, tea brewing, smoking and reading of newspapers, periodically interrupted by someone or other waving a piece of paper in need of an official stamp. I concluded that stamps must be very big in Turkey. ..."

Chapter 6: The Emigreys
"...restaurants that hadn’t shut up shop had switched to winter menus. Even the beach was looking decidedly worse for wear after months of pounding by waves and unforgiving beach bums. We rambled past various tea- houses. All were choked with chain-smoking cloth-capped elders playing parlour games and sipping Black Sea çay. After a short stroll through the village, we stepped into a beachside restaurant and ordered a couple of Efes beers. Apart from the distant strains of Turkopop emanating from the kitchen, the place was deathly quiet. At one ..."
"...He passed me a cigarette. We had both failed, miserably failed, to quit smoking. We had sworn on a stack of Bibles a mile high to do so in the spring, or the summer. Or maybe next year. I lit a cigarette. My relatively innocent act, in a country where smoking cigarettes was as de rigueur as scoffing lamb kebabs, provoked the immediate ..."
"...Skeletor was temporarily diverted from her anti-smoking rant by the arrival of food. “If that’s Turkish cuisine, I’d rather slum it in Greece. Or Africa, for Christ’s sake.” She turned to the smaller of her grey attendants. “Unbelievable, they’re still smoking. Do something.” She tossed her cutlery onto the table and looked to the waiter for ..."
"... fire. An olive-skinned young Turk in army fatigues entered the restaurant, took a seat by the window and lit up. “Another one! What is this, a smoking den? Do you mind if I don’t smoke?” Liam suppressed a laugh and gave me his don’t-bite-she’s- not-worth-it look. Skeletor’s ..."
"... sorry. I didn’t mean to shout.” Skeletor smiled, revealing an incomplete set of jagged yellow teeth. “I just meant… would you mind not smoking while we eat?” There we had it, from tiger to kitten in twenty seconds. Mortal combat averted, I turned and smiled ..."
"...Once Skeletor had finished her meal, we lit up again and began a chain-smoking marathon that made us both feel sick. The contest of wills that followed descended into an undeclared war of attrition to see who would leave first. We ordered a second drink, then a third, then a fourth. Finally, she conceded defeat and departed with one of her companions following ..."

Chapter 16: Judgement Day
"...bric-a-brac, lokum and traditional smoking pipes. Our day took a turn for the worse when we spotted Chrissy and Bernard grazing outside Berni’s place. We considered doubling back but Chrissy spotted us and waved. Painted smiles applied, we headed towards the high-heeled vision of Hell. Chrissy was drowning in gin. ..."

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Is smoking common in Turkey

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"Throughout the book I was tittering, teary-eyed with sadness, nodding knowingly and saying, "I hear you, I hear you," to..."

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