Perking the Pansies
Jack and Liam move to Turkey

Is there much crime in Turkey?


Turkey is a low crime country in comparison to the West. As with any country, people should take sensible precautions: beware of pickpockets and avoid flashing the cash in crowded places. Despite the fact that many Turks are still relatively poor (particularly itinerant workers from the East) this doesn’t make them dishonest. Of course, like anywhere in the world, serious offences do happen but visitors are unlikely to be troubled. A particularly nasty rape and murder nearly scuppered Jack and Liam’s Anatolian Adventure. Read about it in Perking the Pansies, Jack and Liam move to Turkey.

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"...The performance was a choreographic feast of doomed love, vengeance, murder and remorse and the foot tapping score blended symphonic riffs with the instantly recognisable folk-style melodies of the Antony Quinn film. It felt and looked like a metaphor for our times. Unlike Liam, I couldn’t entirely appreciate the difference between a pas de deux and the Pas- de-Calais, but ..."

"... suppose you’ve heard the news?” We looked at her blankly. “Üzgün, my sweet little waiter.” “Gone home?” “You could say that, Liam. He’s been murdered.” ..."

Chapter 25: Home Alone
"... the good life, Liam.” It was a hollow toast. Üzgün’s murder had changed everything. He had been raped, robbed and murdered by three teenagers in a back street of Yalıkavak. His body was found in a dry river bed, naked, beaten and barely recognisable. Liam got the call he had been ..."
"...Üzgün’s murderers claimed that he came onto them. They had been scared of him. Jesus, Üzgün would fall over if you blew on him. Something wasn’t right. The last time we saw him, he was happy and now he was dead. Maybe he got drunk in Mehmet’s bar and revealed too ..."

"...a raw test of endurance. We survived the fall of the Raj, separated the wheat from the chavs, distanced ourselves from the emigrey closets and cried a river over Adalet. Charlotte and Alan had been hung out to dry and still didn’t know who dished the dirt. The senseless murder of an innocent man came close to capsizing our boat. But the turbulence that swirled around us only served to bring our sainted existence into sharp relief. Through it all, as if fixed at the eye of the storm, Liam and I remained solid, together and optimistic. Lady Fortuna ..."

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"Although this is Jack Scott’s first book, he’s a wonderful raconteur and writes like a seasoned author...."

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