Perking the Pansies
Jack and Liam move to Turkey

Is Turkey a religious country?


98% of Turks are Muslim though for many this represents their cultural identity rather than a religious one. Even pious Turks tend to practice their religion quietly and without fuss. Turkey is a secular and (in theory), state and religion are keep separate. However, religion is not independent. The Turkish State funds, manages and regulates most religious activities. One of the most important Muslim festivals is the Feast of Sacrifice when sheep are ritually slaughtered and the proceeds distributed to family, friends and the poor. It is a celebration on par with Christmas. Read about the gift of bloody bones presented to Jack and Liam in Perking the Pansies, Jack and Liam move to Turkey.

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Chapter 2: Ave Maria
"... there are homosexuals everywhere. We’re like the Irish.” Colin sipped his tea for inspiration. “You do know that Turkey’s a muslim country?” “No shit?” His brain clanked and whirred like a Babbage prototype, spitting out a chain of increasingly infuriating questions, each ..."
"...muslim’t the only one with doubts. Our plan attracted its fair share of dissenters, not least because of the Islamic angle. Most muslim countries didn’t exactly have a commendable history of tolerance, and since I dropped out of the womb waving my jazz hands and screaming I Am What I ..."
"... prices. “God knows why two openly gay men would want to live in a muslim country,” I announced, “Particularly one with an unenviable reputation for military coups. There’s nothing for it. I shall insist that Liam wear a head scarf and walk three paces behind me at all times.” Enjoying ..."
"... and walk three paces behind me at all times.” Enjoying the giggles from the attentive assembly, I launched into a self-indulgent, innuendo-laden, gay-man-abroad patter, concluding with “the Queen wears a head scarf and she’s not muslim.” Later, as the crowd began to thin, I found a ..."

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