Perking the Pansies
Jack and Liam move to Turkey

Further resources and reading for Perking the Pansies

These are suggested resources and reading for Perking the Pansies carefully selected by the author, Jack Scott

Perking the Pansies
Jack Scott likes to comment - on the silly and the serious, the mundane and the moving. He thinks his random musings are amusing. You be the judge. This is the blog that led to the best selling book.

Turkey's for Life
One of the best travel blogs for Turkey.

Turkish Travel Blog
The Turkish Travel Blog is an invaluable resource for highlighted the best that Turkey has to offer.

Turkey from the Inside
Explore the real Turkey with one of the best English language travel writers in the country.

LGBT Rights in Turkey
History of LGBT rights in Turkey and current legislative framework.

Turkey's main LGBT organisation in Turkey (site is in Turkish)

Istanbul Gay Pride 2012
News about the Gay Pride event in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Pride Travel
LGBT travel and tours in around Istanbul

Turkish Daily News
Turkey's premiere English language newspaper

Today's Zaman
Turkish daily news in English

Bodrum Bulletin
Things to do and see in the Bodrum area of Turkey. Updated regularly with events, exhibitions and concerts.

Bodrum Pensula Travel Guide
A great resource for staying in and around Bodrum, Turkey

Expat Bookshop
The Expat Bookshop, books by expats for expats.

Springtime Books
Book publisher for expats, by expats. Bringing your book to life.

Back to Bodrum
Bodrum life past and present from a veteran expat.

Turkey Street, Jack and Liam move to Bodrum
Six months into their Turkish affair, Jack and Liam, a gay couple from London, took lodgings in the oldest ward of Bodrum Town. If they wanted to shy away from the curtain-twitchers, they couldn’t have chosen a worse position. Their terrace overlooked Turkey Street like the balcony of Buckingham Palace and the middle-aged infidels stuck out like a couple of drunks at a temperance meeting.

Pride London
Official website for Pride London, London's annual LGBT Pride celebration. In 2012 Pride London is the proud host to World Pride.

Turkey on Wikipedia
Entry on Wikipedia for Turkey describing Turkish history, politics, demography, geography, climate and economy.

British Embassy - Ankara
British embassy website providing help and advice for British nationals living in Turkey and for Turkish nationals wishing to visit the UK.

LGBT and the Turkish Military
The treatment of LGBT people by the Turkish armed forces.

Expat Quotes
Expat-Quotes is a website dedicated to expatriates and people going abroad. It features a series of categories (Visa & Permits, Moving, Jobs, Housing, Finance, Education, health, Shop & Telecom, Tourism) where expat and future expatriates will find listed services.

Turkey, the Raw Guide
Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to pitch your tent in a foreign field, particularly a Muslim one?

Turkey, Surviving the Expats
'Tenko' without the guards, the guns and the barbed wire.


"I just read the book cover to proverbial cover as I could not put it down. I laughed and..."

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