Perking the Pansies
Jack and Liam move to Turkey

What are the legal requirements for foreigners visiting or living in Turkey?


Foreigners entering Turkey on a tourist visa can stay for a maximum of 90 days in any 180 day period. Anyone staying longer must apply for a residency permit. The cost of both a tourist visa and a residency permit varies from nationality to nationality. Tourist visa are obtained at the port of entry. The process from applying for a residency permit from the local authorities is time consuming but not complicated. Applicants are required to demonstrate they have the means to support themselves. When they arrived in Turkey, Jack and Liam from Perking the Pansies, immediately applied for residency.

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"...a muscular man with rough shovel hands, a life of hard labour etched deeply into a florid face. This was our resident kapıcı, our caretaker, Tariq the Toothless. We mumbled something in Turklish, shared a cigarette and pointed at the magnificent view. Tariq was more interested in his new residents and stared at us with uncomfortable concentration, unable to fathom our status, relationship or intention. We must have seemed like creatures from another planet. ..."

"...After an inauspicious start, our rapport with Tariq the toothless warmed up nicely. During midwinter there was little for him to do except keep watch and annoy the few residents who had stayed to brave the elements. His favourite pastime was standing on Clement’s terrace and peering through the window to gawp at the wide-screen TV. He would stay there for ages, hypnotised by Easter Parade or giggling at the gymslips on St Trinian’s. Clement would attempt to shoo ..."

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"Hilarious, saucy, witty, heartwarming and incredibly moving...."

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