Perking the Pansies
Jack and Liam move to Turkey

What does 'Bodrum Belles' mean?

Find out what Bodrum Belles means. Bodrum Belles is explained by Jack Scott - author of Perking the Pansies

Bodrum Belles

Bodrum Belles are single ladies of a certain age, rollercoaster pasts and plucky presents. Some may have once been VOMITs but, unlike many of their sisters, have learned from bitter experience and live quiet and contented lives with a refreshing insight into their lot. To qualify as a Belle you must live in Bodrum Town. Anywhere else just doesn’t cut the mustard.

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"...tear-jerker of a movie, each frame and every transition designed to eke out an extra drop of unrefined emotion. Old sepia photographs of my parents slowly merged into each other as the Londonderry Air raised the sentimental temperature notch by notch. There was hardly a photo of the birthday belle without a fag in hand. Mother had puffed away on twenty a day since the Suez Crisis. It was all too much for my brother John who left the room, returning a minute later with a box of autumnal shades. Young Tom writhed about the floor giggling. As the ..."

"... Bodrum than the Yacht Club.” Liam raised a toast to Jessica and collapsed back into his chair. The Bodrum belles were a revelation. They had embraced the town, flaws and all, and for all the right reasons. We had a lot to learn. Our probation had hardly begun. ..."

"... would keep a watchful eye. Our move to Bodrum Town had changed us. We were happy in the Bohemian oasis with its progressive vibe and liberal tinge, though we did wonder what the town really made of us. A message from a Turkish-American Bodrum belle gave us hope. “There will be envy among ..."

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Bodrum Belles

"The book includes a list of colourful characters, British and Turkish...almost Dickensian in their eccentricity, humour, melancholy, self-delusion, kindness and..."

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