Perking the Pansies
Jack and Liam move to Turkey

What does 'VOMITs' mean?

Find out what VOMITs means. VOMITs is explained by Jack Scott - author of Perking the Pansies


Vintage desperate ex-housewives with a few lira to spare, who shamelessly chase younger Turkish men. Predictably, such relationships rarely last once the money runs out. A sub-genus of the species is the MAD (“My Ahmed’s Different”): delusional VOMITs who think their Turkish man is somehow unlike the rest because “he really loves me.” As a rule of thumb, they are kidding themselves.

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Chapter 14: The VOMITs
"... little fairy.” Tipsy Chrissy pointed at a couple canoodling in a dark corner of the restaurant. “What?” I said. “It’s another friggin’ vomit.” “Excuse me?” “A Victim Of Men In Turkey. They’re everywhere. Stupid middle-aged women who fall for the Turkish boys. They come ..."
"... everywhere. Stupid middle-aged women who fall for the Turkish boys. They come ashore as Shirley Valentines…” “And end up washed up on the beach as vomits. I get the picture.” I watched the young man eat the face of his victim, a sixty something Brit with crooked teeth the same colour as ..."
"... eyes tapped Liam on the shoulder. “My friend. I like you.” “You do?” “Come back later. I will wait.” “You’ll have a long wait, Abdullah. I’m no vomit.” ..."

Chapter 16: Judgement Day
"...vomitge pink floppy hat protected Adalet from the late spring sun. She had reached crawling stage and was exploring the covered terrace while her parents lounged by the pool. They could relax: Liam was chasing Adalet on all fours, refusing to let her out of his sight. I left him ..."

"...vomitre offered sparkling rosé and hand fed chocolate torte. Liam’s temptress was Jilly, a pretty woman with long mousey hair and a vast encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Turkey. Miss Google had taught English in Izmir, had various dalliances with an assortment of Romeos and relocated to Bodrum to eke ..."

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Bodrum Belles

"The book includes a list of colourful characters, British and Turkish...almost Dickensian in their eccentricity, humour, melancholy, self-delusion, kindness and..."

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