Perking the Pansies
Jack and Liam move to Turkey

What is a gulet?


A gulet is a traditional two-masted wooden sailing vessel from the south-west coast of Turkey, particularly the Bodrum peninsula. Today, gulets are popular for tourist charters. Most are now diesel-powered and few are properly rigged for sailing. The word gulet is a loan-word from the old French gouëlette meaning "schooner". A comical gulet cruise is featured in Jack Scott’s satirical memoir, Perking the Pansies, Jack and Liam move to Turkey.

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"...followed the crowd towards the centre of the lazy white-washed town. The pretty pedestrianised high street was shadowed from the sun by huge, fluttering, white, triangular awnings. We sauntered past yellow-stone craft shops and postcard vendors and headed aimlessly towards the harbour, a relaxed affair crammed with two-masted wooden gulets. A cobbled promenade ran the length of the slim but well-groomed beach, a grit and sand concoction edged with low-rise hotels and an assortment of cute restaurants. After the hassle and bustle of Bodrum, the informal tranquillity of Yalıkavak was a hypnotic indulgence. The place was ideal and we ..."

"...We took our seats in the grounds of Bodrum Castle. A concert arena had been constructed outside the curtain wall of the large turreted fortress. To our left, hundreds of gulets and fishing boats competed for space in the harbour and above them a crescent moon lit the dark sky. Sophia sat between us, clapping at the large open stage, impatient for the performance to start. ..."

"... deal?” “This one’s sticking around.” Nancy was furious. An ugly German heiress had invested in Irfan’s gulet and expected regular payment in kind. She was determined to be the only mistress in town but Nancy was having none of it. “It’ll be all frosty glances and icy ..."

Chapter 25: Home Alone
"... Üzgün would have wanted, and so do I. PS: Go to bed. The lights came on. I laughed out loud and poured a final glass of wine. It was that simple. We would nail our rainbow colours to the mast of that gulet come hell or high water. ..."

"...A week after Liam’s homecoming, wild and windy autumnal weather blew into Bodrum, buffeting gulets and propelling chips off dinner plates. The gale hammered everything that wasn’t hammered down. Everything, except the concrete locks of the waitering dandies; Hurricane Katrina herself would have struggled to disturb those gelled masterpieces. The wind was an early warning of things to come; temperatures tumbled and heavy rains ..."

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What is a gulet?

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"A really excellent book. Funny and insightful and poignant all at once...."

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