Perking the Pansies
Jack and Liam move to Turkey

What’s the weather like in Turkey?


With such a large landmass, Turkey’s climate is extremely varied from icy sub-zero to blistering 40 plus. Most foreigners settle in Istanbul (cold wet winters, hot summers), Ankara (cold winters, hot dry summers) or the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts (mild, wet winters, hot summers). The drama of Aegean winters is rarely mentioned in the guide books. Jack and Liam were woefully unprepared for the stormy winters inside their igloo with a view. Read about it in Perking the Pansies, Jack and Liam move to Turkey.

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Chapter 4: Indian Summer
"... day, Clement broke into spontaneous applause and rewarded Liam with a small supply of logs. “The weather’s on the turn. I thought the wood might come in handy to warm your evening labours.” Liam accepted the gift reluctantly, fearing the transaction might somehow encourage a deeper ..."

Chapter 7: Clement's Closet
"... clutch bag. Mr Mistoffelees slinked in close behind, purring darkly and leaving a trail of muddy paw prints through the house. “Hello, chaps. Awful weather.” Liam was sweeping rain water out of the lounge. “Can’t say I’ve noticed.” “Hi Clem.” “My name is Clement, Jack.” ..."
"... lusty log man laid out the logs and Clement invited us for tea. “Oh God, do we have to go?” said Liam. “What’s with all the ‘Hello chaps, awful weather’ shit? He thinks he’s Jilly bloody Cooper.” “He’s our neighbour. He’s been helpful. He’s lonely. Be ..."

Chapter 11: Fright Night
"...We started to ignore Chrissy’s frequent calls, unable to bear her insidious propaganda about the warm weather and her do- as-I-do demeanour. We fantasised that Clement had found new ways to keep warm by developing a part-time relationship with the lusty log man. We pictured him ordering more supplies whenever he felt frisky and always insisting on sundown deliveries. Liam prepared an interactive bar chart showing ..."

"...The setting was magnificent, the weather was perfect, but the mood was subdued. Alan and Charlotte hardly spoke, to each other or to anyone else. I guessed there were few words left to say. They had lost Adalet and that was that. Their dream was over and the best they could hope for was to ..."

Chapter 25: Home Alone
"...had dined al fresco to take advantage of yet another blessed, balmy evening. Liam’s gastronomic ambitions had reached such a pinnacle that we had less and less reason to eat out. The courtyard was a perfect setting. We reminisced about the days when, at the slightest hint of fine weather, we would rush home from work and grab the opportunity to eat in the garden. ..."

"...A week after Liam’s homecoming, wild and windy autumnal weather blew into Bodrum, buffeting gulets and propelling chips off dinner plates. The gale hammered everything that wasn’t hammered down. Everything, except the concrete locks of the waitering dandies; Hurricane Katrina herself would have struggled to disturb those gelled masterpieces. The wind was an early warning of things to come; ..."

Chapter 27: Jack's Cotillion
"... smothered me in a rugby scrum of hugs, kisses and backslaps. “Happy Birthday, Jack.” Tracey hugged me and called over her four boys, each of them spruced up in their best warm weather bib and tucker. “What the…? What are you lot doing here?” “Ask your husband.” “I don’t ..."

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What’s the weather like in Turkey?

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"An entertaining story, told with wit and insight...."

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