Perking the Pansies
Jack and Liam move to Turkey

Where do most expats live in Turkey?


Most expats in Turkey live in the three main cities – Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir – or along the coastal strip skirting the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. The cities are locations of choice for people working professionally in Turkey. The coastal regions are popular with retirees, particularly from northern Europe. In and around Kusadasi, Altinkum, Bodrum, Mamaris, Dalyan and Fethiye are most favoured. A small minority of pioneering expats have chosen to live in more remote rural areas, preferring to experience a more genuine Turkish lifestyle. Jack and Liam choose to settle on the Bodrum Peninsula. Turkey beyond the coast is the real deal but too alien and exotic for a gay couple from London. Read about it in Perking the Pansies, Jack and Liam move to Turkey.

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"...Expatwe had seen the sumptuously appointed show home, Lorraine ushered us to a vacant house on the next level down. She could smell a deal even though the rent demolished our budget. Liam and I momentarily gazed at one another, perfecting the telepathy that was to become a vital tool ..."

"...Expatxt social intervention met with much greater success. I sidled next to Charlotte, a vivacious, energetic brunette with a sun-kissed complexion and a bouncing cleavage that heaved in rhythm to her filthy laugh. We hit it off immediately. Botticelli Babe Charlotte and her tall debonair silver-haired husband were Expat veterans, ..."

Chapter 6: The Emigreys
"...Expatkavak was expectedly quiet. The giant sail awnings that graced the high street on our first visit had been folded away, the postcard vendors and tourist-tat traders had left for winter pastures and the few restaurants that hadn’t shut up shop ..."
"...Expatre greeted enthusiastically by our Turkish host. Mehmet was clearly grateful for the unforeseen winter custom. The smoky drinking den was barely lit and three local punters propped up the shabby bar, silently sipping rakı, the intoxicating aniseed-flavoured national tipple. A lone Expat sat in the corner of the room, ..."
"... feet and staggered off to the bathroom. I turned back to face Liam. “Houston, we have a problem.” “We do?” Expats, Brits abroad, emigreys.” “Huh?” “I’m an intolerant liberal. This lot are so right wing.” “Just to the right of Genghis Khan.” “Not sure ..."
"... find me swinging from a rope.” “I might join you.” “Double suicide. How tragically romantic.” “I can see the headline. ‘Mad Mullahs and Militant Expats Force Gay Perverts into Suicide Pact.’” Liam paused. “I don’t want to die yet, Jack.” “Me neither. Not ..."

"...Expatsy may have been a minor nightmare but she did have her uses, particularly when it came to the rigours of winter laundry. She cautioned us that exposing our damp pants to passing locals was considered very poor taste indeed. Fine. I had no wish to offend but nor did ..."

"...Expatad just lost a piece of his innocence and I had discovered a new kind of perspective. Our life in Turkey wasn’t real. Not really. We were drifting around in an extraordinary Expat bubble with people we didn’t know or really care about. We’d forgotten what mattered. Liam ..."

Chapter 13: Come Dine with Me
"... red tail lights disappear into the distance and went back to the living room to examine the wreckage. “It worked,” said Liam. “Operation ‘Get the Expats Rat- Arsed’. It worked.” “Come here, you. You’re a bloody genius.” “I was born that way. You’re a very ..."

"...Expateers, or şerefe as we say in Turkey.” I took a large gulp. “I need to talk to you, John. The thing is I’m not sure I’ve done the right thing. Not Liam. He’s wonderful. I think you’d like him. I know you’d like him. He’s got your impish twinkle ..."

Chapter 16: Judgement Day
"...Expatnight, I crept out onto the terrace while Liam was asleep. Life in Turkey, Jack. Discuss. Middle England miseries welded to their tabloids. Sad people, bad people, Expats-in-a-bubble people. They hate the country they came from; they hate the country they’ve come to. This was my social life. This is ..."

Chapter 18: Paradise Lost
"...her comment were mixed. The Minister for Health contradicted her statement and a small demonstration in Istanbul (not quite Stonewall, but never mind) did make the papers so there was some kind of hope. To make matters worse, that very morning, a heated debate was raging on the Turkish Expat Forum: “Gay weddings, for or against? Vote now.” How jolly nice of them to think of us. The verdict was an overwhelming majority against same-sex couples getting married, or having any legal standing whatsoever. The Old Testament hell-and-damnation school of enlightened thought won the day. Victorian values were alive ..."
"...Expatevening we held our own prissy protest by camping it up in Yalıkavak. In the interests of personal safety, we dumped the pink ‘I’m queer, get over it’ banners and plumped instead for tight tee-shirts and a gallon of Escada Pour Homme. We toured the village inns in our gay ..."

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Where do most expats live in Turkey?
How many expats live in Turkey?
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The Aegean

"It’s a good account of the light and shade of an off-the-wall expat lifestyle, told in a fast-paced and highly..."

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