A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 1: Chapter One
"...“Oh great!” Penny stood up, barely able to listen to what might come next. Her mother’s mental status had declined at an alarming rate since coronary by-pass surgery two months ago, and her father, a retired Presbyterian minister, was unable to manage his home. Reva Ryder was their most recent housekeeper. ..."

Chapter 2: Chapter Two
"... weekends, starting tomorrow. Awakened by soft music from her Bose clock/radio, Penny shut off the alarm and dressed quietly to avoid disturbing Johnny, who slept in another bedroom. Because of her work schedule, they had stopped sleeping together years ago. Each time Penny looked at her ..."
"... outside to experience breathing beneath the smoke. Finally, each trainee was issued an identification badge to be used for clocking in and out. It bore the slogan RACE: Remove patient, Activate alarm, Control smoke, Extinguish fire. Before starting home, Penny stopped at the hospital ..."
"...Setting her alarm, she looked forward to spending tomorrow with Maureen, who had been her friend for the past ten years. Maureen had cleaned and cooked for a doctor’s household through high school and after graduation had worked as an aide in the now-demolished old City Hospital while studying to become ..."

Chapter 3: Chapter Three
"... tired nurses hurried out the door, headed for home and bed. Penny stepped to the desk to make sure the alarm on each monitor was activated. “It would be nice if we had a tech to watch the screens and take care of desk work.” “We’ll do all right as long as those alarms stay on,” ..."
"... and take care of desk work.” “We’ll do all right as long as those alarms stay on,” Maureen said. “You and I can look and know right away if it’s an emergency. Well, let’s see if night shift gave us the real picture. These are our babies now.” “I’m counting on you to tell ..."
"...alarmde rounds after lunch so that results from tests he had ordered the day before would be completed and in his charts. However, one X-ray report was missing. He sighed and ripped open an alcohol swab to decontaminate his stethoscope while Penny phoned the radiologist to retrieve the ..."

Chapter 5: Chapter Five
"... appreciation. Knocked off-balance like a tree with shallow roots in a windstorm, Penny phoned each station in the hospital to avoid overhead paging, which might alarm Mrs. Spoonhouse’s family. Finally, she located the supervisor on Obstetrics and explained the situation. “Okay. Get ..."

Chapter 6: Chapter Six
"... recognize what was important. On her way to the shower, she phoned Dixiana CCU. A monitor alarm was ringing in the background when Maureen answered, and the familiar sound comforted Penny. “Hi Maureen. Have you heard anything about Mrs. Spoonhouse?” “Dr. Scales says she’s doing ..."

Chapter 8: Chapter Eight
"... number of passengers is small, it is our policy to downsize the aircraft.” Faye exchanged a despairing look with Penny, whose apprehension turned to alarm. Both Penny and Faye knew that it was too late to reschedule. Faye, wearing tiny, rhinestone-encrusted glasses low on her nose, raised ..."

Chapter 9: Chapter Nine
"...night I was in a vacant room setting up for a new patient admission, and the air mattress on the bed inflated—like when a patient turns over and the weight changes. You know? I heard SSSSH! from the mattress, and then the call bell and the emergency alarm started. I went to the head of the bed to turn them off but the bed wasn’t plugged into the electrical outlet and the prong thing for the alarms wasn’t connected either.” ..."

Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven
"...dream haunted her. A black-clad woman standing by a window in a cold, smoke-filled room had extended her arm, stretched out her fingers, and beckoned. Penny had wanted to touch her hand—to feel her skin, but fear held her back, and the woman disintegrated as the Bose alarm sounded. Her form disappeared into the air like dust particles separating. ..."
"...A monitor alarm bell sounded, and Penny walked to the desk to watch the strip print out automatically, waiting to see if it was a true dysrhythmia or just patient movement. Of course, the bells rang a lot during morning care, but this strip was for real: a slow rhythm from ..."
"... signs. Soon a nurse called back with a good report: normal vital signs and an alert patient without complaints of discomfort. The patient on telemetry number two was having a few irregular beats, as would be expected with an elevated digoxin level but not enough to set off an alarm. After ..."
"...Number four monitor alarm sounded again, and the strip of Mr. Tribble’s heart pattern showed a brief period of complete heart block. His heart rate had slowed to thirty, but now was back up to seventy-two. Penny notified the floor nurse to check his vital signs, and she telephoned Dr. Scales ..."
"...and requested that a nurse go to room 301 and replace the battery in the monitor. She stood staring at screen number four, watching an irregular pattern with pauses, a disturbance that needed to be addressed. A minute later, the screen displayed a straight line and the alarm sounded while the battery was out, then the heart pattern picked up again and the phone rang. ..."
"...When the loud alarm sounded at bed seven, she looked at Mr. Aceworth’s heart pattern on the screen above the desk. My God! Either his electrodes were off or his heart had stopped! Penny started running before she was out of her chair, sending it crashing backward. Her ..."

Chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen
"...Along the way, Penny’s mother looked around, reaching out and picking up anything she could grab. When Rev. Nichols paused to catch his breath too close to a fire alarm, she managed to pull the handle, setting off insistent clanging and flashing lights. Her embarrassed husband apologized to the attendants, but Mrs. Nichols remained unperturbed. She removed her feet from the wheelchair’s footrests and let them drag, oblivious to Penny’s instructions to put them back up. ..."
"...Making conversation while her mother ate wore Penny out, and when her mother would eat no more, Penny pushed her into a TV room and joined her in front of the set. Mrs. Nichols was distracted by people coming and going, and registered alarm each time an announcement was made on the paging system. She seemed more interested in the soundless action on the TV screen, at which she pointed from time to time, than she was in visiting with her daughter. ..."
"...gather the residents for supper. The nurses laughed and teased each other while most of the patients looked out of touch with the situation, their heads lolling to the side, some rocking back and forth. A woman cried out, and Mrs. Nichols looked at Penny with an alarmed expression. ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
"...As she moved to the left side of the bed, Penny’s mental alarm sounded: the fingers on her patient’s left hand were bluish with long, gray nails. An implanted IV port on her left chest had been accessed and normal saline infused slowly to keep the vein open. Fearing a circulation problem, Penny reached for the woman’s left hand, expecting ..."
"...Penny handed over the ballpoint, and they returned to Mrs. Posey’s room, where she administered the drug, repositioned her, and activated the bed alarm. “Left side—did you get that?” She regretted her tone when the sitter shot her a sideways glance. But—Good Night! All the woman did was write, and she didn’t even have her own pen! ..."

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen
"...Penny shifted onto her back, stretched, and struggled to focus her eyes on the illuminated numbers on her Bose. It was ten minutes before the alarm would sound on a Dixiana work Sunday. She blundered to the bathroom regretting her crying jag the night before. Her lips stuck together, her eyes throbbed, and she dropped everything she picked up. Struck by her own clumsiness, she perched on a bedroom chair to pull ..."
"...Disconnecting the oxygen tubing from the transfer tank, Penny attached it to the bedside outlet before connecting her new patient to the heart monitor and the IV pump. The monitor alarm sounded because Mrs. Baucom’s heart rate was above 150. Penny turned off the alarm, dragged the crash cart over to Mrs. Baucom’s bed, and plugged it in. ..."

Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen
"...they gave me a good job on the day shift. I had my evenings free so I stayed out partying and drinking, and I didn’t want to get up at five-thirty for work. Mama fussed at me, but I didn’t listen. Then one morning when the alarm went off and I didn’t budge, she came out of the kitchen with a sack of potatoes. Mama had pretty good aim and she threw hard and she shouted, ‘In this family your Daddy works and I work and you’re going to get up and work too!’ ..."

Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty
"... Johnny yawned and rubbed the back of his neck. “It’s almost nine. We should get in bed and cover up; maybe they’ll get the electricity back on while we’re asleep. I’ll set the alarm for five in the morning and build a fire so you’ll have some heat to get dressed by.” ..."
"... tonight.” On Sunday morning, Penny drove on slick streets to the Dixiana hospital anticipating an easy day. She moved Mr. Garrett to a telemetry bed on the hall before lunch, then listened for the telemetry alarms while she checked CCU’s par list against their inventory. In the ..."
"... When the ambulance arrived, the respiratory therapist set the ventilator in Demand Mode so that Buck could initiate a breath himself. The ventilator allowed him to inhale and then it pushed the right amount of oxygenated air into his lungs. If Buck failed to breathe, the ventilator would alarm. ..."
"...Suddenly the monitor alarm sounded. Then the ventilator alarm blared. All three nurses dashed to Buck’s bedside. His screen displayed a straight line. Penny pressed the electrodes against his chest, but they were already in contact. His face was pale grey, and she could not locate his carotid ..."
"...jolt at 2 a.m. Her thoughts fuzzy, she thought she was in the nurses’ lounge of CCU. She heard the familiar sound of the outside door closing and sat up. In the excitement of Buck’s code, she had forgotten that she had heard something before the alarms started. Somebody went out that door—that was the sound she heard! Whoever it was must have come in and gone out the back door; they couldn’t have come from the hall or she’d have seen them. ..."
"...Buck’s face, grey against white hospital sheets, flashed through Penny’s mind, and she heard again and again the alarms from the monitor and the ventilator. Anxious to talk with Flossie Mae, to ask why Buck was guarded by the police, and to tell her about last night, Penny searched for the slip of paper with Flossie Mae’s phone number. She looked in her purse, her car, ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"... from him. Setting her alarm for 2 p.m., Penny sank into bed without bathing. Her body was too tired to move, but her mind wouldn’t shut off. She would get up and shower if she couldn’t sleep. Her arms and legs felt weighed-down and her shoulders ached. Her thoughts drifted. She ..."
"... said. While the overhead speakers serenaded them with The Tennessee Waltz, Carina settled into a chair at the desk and Penny and Flossie Mae carried linens to Mrs. Banks’s room. After a day of clatter and alarms, quiet-time settled over the floor like a blanket draped over a bed. Penny ..."
"... “Mrs. Sharp in 406 is a little squirrely,” Penny said, “but I turned on her bed-alarm, and I don’t think she’ll get up without calling. Her chemo’s finished. Mr. Logan in 409 is going home today.” Penny waited at the elevator while Carina told them about her patients. ..."

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"Healthcare can be murder. "Personal Baggage" is a novel from Margaret McMillon discussing the current issues surrounding the modern healthcare..."

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