A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 6: Chapter Six
"...“All right.... I’ll ask for two weeks off in Jacksonville, between my Dixiana weekends. They’ll probably let me have it since I’m still in orientation. I’ll call you when I know. How is Alice?” David’s wife was a social worker. It seemed to Penny that either one of them could unravel any problem and work out a solution. ..."

Chapter 7: Chapter Seven
"...Petite Alice, her short brown hair shining, smiled and hugged her sister-in-law. David was almost bald, but in Penny’s mind he was still the tall, golden teenager he had been when she left for college. Arthritis made him limp as he stepped around the luggage to hug her. ..."
"...While Faye and Alice set places at the picnic table on the porch, Penny held her mother’s small cold hand and chattered about Johnny and the children. Instead of thinking what she would say in reply, Mrs. Nichols gave the gift of her undivided attention. Her gaze was on Penny ..."
"...The next day, Alice would drive the Nichols’ car to Roanoke. They loaded it with hang-up clothes, breakable items and paintings, and a suitcase containing the things Penny and her parents would need in Roanoke from Sunday evening until David arrived with the U-Haul truck on Monday. Clothes for the flight ..."
"...After supper, young friends from next door brought dessert and stayed to visit while David, Alice, Faye, and Penny walked out onto the dock. They sat close together on the bench Rev. Nichols had made, facing west while the setting sun scattered gold, pink, blue and lavender over the water, its glittering surface dimpled by flying insects. On the opposite bank lights were ..."
"... its glittering surface dimpled by flying insects. On the opposite bank lights were just flickering on. “Would you like a beer?” David asked. He shot a sideways grin at Alice. His sisters watched, unbelieving, as he produced four chilled Budweisers from a small cooler in the boat ..."
"... every year.” Penny bent forward to see David on the other end of the bench. “I told Mother about blow jobs last summer.” Alice gasped and covered her mouth. David placed both feet on the wooden dock with a thud and leaned forward, his mouth gaping. Penny shrugged, “She said Daddy ..."
"... “I wasn’t in the family then,” Alice panted, “but your parents have been wonderful to me. When David and I got married, my folks lived in South Africa. Mom Nichols took care of everything, and Pop married us in a big church ceremony. My parents just attended the wedding.” As ..."
"... Faye and David were still packing boxes, so Penny improvised supper, and they were eating on the porch when Alice called to let them know she had arrived safely in Roanoke. After the meal, Faye, Penny, and David walked around the bend of the island to watch the moon come up over the marsh. ..."

Chapter 8: Chapter Eight
"...about the cold, then an announcement was made overhead. The flight for Roanoke would be delayed for three hours due to difficulty with pressure in the cabin. Penny phoned Charleston and informed Faye and David of the delay, but it was too late for them to alert Alice, who was already awaiting their arrival in the Roanoke airport. ..."
"...Alice cried as she looked across the runway. She had spent the past four hours trying to find out what had happened to her family, had alienated several airline personnel, and lost her car keys. She noticed two flight attendants carrying someone down the steps of a tiny ..."
"... everything was out of place and every day was more stressful. Entering the kitchen, she found Alice loading the dishwasher and talking on the telephone. Alice extended the receiver to Penny and fetched a second phone from the den. David was on the line. “I’m at the Holiday Inn outside ..."
"... outside Charlotte, so I should be in Roanoke by midday tomorrow. How was your trip?” Alice directed Penny out the back door to a recliner on the deck and mixed two drinks while Penny talked to her brother. “After I called you, Mother and Daddy wouldn’t eat lunch,” Penny told him. ..."
"... you realize that what happens next depends on how well Mom does in the morning.” After the phone call, Penny and Alice unwound beneath a star-frosted sky, comforted by a cool breeze and powerful gin and tonic. “Mother’s strong,” Penny said. “She’s tired and confused and in a ..."
"...Alice sighed, closed her eyes, and gulped down the rest of her drink. “If she didn’t qualify for assisted-living, there would be a six-week delay before she could move into the nursing home, and who knows how long before a single apartment would become available for Pop. They ..."
"...The next morning, after breakfast and before leaving for their appointment, Alice and Penny warned Rev. Nichols that the Nursing Director, Mrs. Coal, would not be amused if he persisted in calling her “Colonel Coal” and her facility “Imperial Prison” and that the other residents were not to be called “inmates.” ..."
"... today.” During lunch, David phoned from the building to which the Nicholses were assigned, so while their parents napped, Penny and Alice drove over to help David unload the truck. Instead of a number, each building in the retirement complex carried the name of a plant. Moving their ..."
"...Moving their belongings up to the fourth floor of the Camellia Building was complicated by the nine-story building’s two elevators which were in constant use. The elevators stopped on every floor, top to bottom, and on each Penny, David, and Alice were greeted by elderly figures leaning on walkers and canes. They had to capture an elevator, get rid of its passengers, take it to the basement loading dock, and turn it off with the key provided for incoming residents. ..."
"...When Alice and David arrived with carry-out for a late supper, David tried to console his sobbing dad, who refused to eat. After supper Alice volunteered for bedtime care and Penny, driving David’s car, followed the truck back to IP and helped him set up twin beds and fill the ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"... of Grape-nuts. Her brother’s voice sounded strained. “I’m glad you’re home; you’re hard to catch. Alice and I have planned a trip to Charleston to finish getting Westview ready for the painters–-we have renters who want to move in the first of next month.” Penny swallowed. ..."
"...“As a matter of fact, that’s why I called,” David said. “We’re leaving for Charleston on Wednesday after work and, unless there’s some emergency, we won’t be back until the next Wednesday. Mom’s taken care of except for her clothes—Alice has been doing their laundry because otherwise their clothes get mixed in with other people’s things. Dad takes his meals in the dining room and he can use the IP bus, if he will. Anyway, we don’t want to leave them for six days without somebody checking ..."

Chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen
"...when she fell asleep; she barely remembered changing planes in Atlanta, and a feeling close to panic hit her. She had been crazy to think she could find her way around in the big city! David had made it sound easy, but if she tried to drive Alice’s car to Imperial Palace, she would be lost and there would be no one to come and find her. ..."

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen
"... sat at the table and attacked her sandwich. “What did he say?” She mumbled with her mouth full. “Your father’s worse. David’s with him but Alice went home to wait for your call.” Penny took another bite, washed it down with iced tea, then dialed her brother’s number. “Pop ..."
"... took another bite, washed it down with iced tea, then dialed her brother’s number. “Pop Nichols hasn’t moved all day,” Alice told her. David says he thinks it will be soon.” “Is David all right?” Penny imagined her brother sitting beside their father’s bed in the ..."
"... bed in the nursing facility, and from 500 miles away a fog of emptiness descended upon her. “I’m going back over there to stay with David,” Alice said. “We’ll call you when we know anything.” At 12:30 a.m., the jangling phone woke Penny. She heard Johnny say, “Hold on just a ..."
"... asked. The words came out coarse, hung over from sleep. “I’m here too,” Alice said. “Your mother had a couple of seizures this week and her twitching’s worse. She’s not eating but we told them not to start tube feedings.” “Mom’s checked out,” David said. “She’s in a ..."

Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen
"... all that candy and popcorn. “I understand. Now if you don’t mind, I want you to tell all of this to Penny. She’s just come home, and I know she’d rather hear it straight from you.” Johnny held out the receiver. “It’s Alice, about your mother.” Penny’s stomach lurched as ..."
"... look in Johnny’s direction. Alice continued, “I took David to the airport because he has a meeting in Washington this afternoon and I feel uneasy with him gone. Mom’s been pale, but today she looks grayish, and I think she may not be here much longer.” “Do you want me to come?” ..."
"... be here much longer.” “Do you want me to come?” Penny’s voice was constrained. Alice spoke slowly, softening her tone. “No, there’s nothing you could do. She wouldn’t know you were here.” Penny’s throat felt closed up and she had to work to make sound come out. “I meant, ..."
"... I get home.” Alice, you’re doing exactly right. Thank you for being there—I’m sorry you’re all alone.” Penny motioned to Johnny and handed him the receiver, then listened as Johnny talked with Alice, unable to concentrate on his words until he said goodbye. “Why don’t you ..."
"... but her mother was always there and she cared. Without her there would be no more caring—no more love. When they arrived home, Penny picked up the kitchen phone and called Alice. “Your mother died thirty minutes ago. I called Angel Wings, the ambulance service that picks up bodies for ..."
"... that Mom has her own angel wings.” Penny fell into a deep despondency. Somehow, her mother’s silent presence must have been a comfort, because with Alice’s report the earth cracked open, leaving a gaping cavity from which Penny’s roots were missing. The approach of Advent Season made ..."

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