A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 3: Chapter Three
"...eight beds separated by green curtains and arranged around a central desk, above which monitor screens traced the electrical activity of CCU patients’ hearts as well as those of the telemetry patients on South Hall. At the back of the Unit, a locked door, which opened to the ambulance loading zone, was used as an entrance by doctors, each of whom had a key. ..."
"... Penny called Life Flight and notified ambulance Service while Maureen gathered Dodson’s belongings. Desperate to catch up on her charting, Penny documented the sequence of events, realizing with a start as she noted the time that it had been forty minutes since Dr. Lawrence arrived. In ..."

Chapter 5: Chapter Five
"...When Penny re-entered CCU from South, Maureen and Dr. Ghent were in grim-faced discussion. Maureen summarized their conversation. “Brenda said the linen-truck driver told her Dr. Wiseman died Thursday night, and one of the ambulance drivers told Dr. Ghent it was from an accident at the Jacksonville Hospital.” ..."
"...The supervisor notified ambulance service and carried the chart to South’s copier while Penny telephoned Report to the Jacksonville Neurology Unit. Maureen woke the patient, pulled the privacy curtain, and helped her onto a bed-pan. Dr. Scales ushered the family into the Unit, and they waited outside the hanging screen until ..."
"... like an agitated chicken. Maureen interrupted the young man to ask the family not to try to keep up with the ambulance. “They won’t let you see her for a while, anyway. God’s taking care of your mother; your job is to get up there in one piece.” Penny helped transfer Mrs. ..."
"... a while, anyway. God’s taking care of your mother; your job is to get up there in one piece.” Penny helped transfer Mrs. Spoonhouse to the ambulance stretcher and gave Report to the paramedic. Maureen was working on the stack of telemetry rhythm strips, interpreting them in preparation for ..."

Chapter 10: Chapter Ten
"... If I don’t get a recliner, I’m takin’ Watt to another hospital.” Penny assured him that all the rooms had recliners. “If you can’t drive, call an ambulance. They will bring both of you to our ER.” Penny replaced the receiver as Ellen, the day-shift unit secretary, returned ..."

Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven
"... pattern. “Get a STAT EKG and I’ll be there as soon as I can reach a cardiologist and line up a bed in Jacksonville,” Dr. Lawrence said. “I imagine she needs a pacemaker. Tell the floor to get everything ready for a transfer. We need to get her on up there by ambulance.” Penny ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"... The door to the hall opened, and Mrs. Gwen entered the Unit. “Penny, there’s a drug overdose in ER and our paramedic is tied up with something else, so I need you to ride the ambulance to Jacksonville. I’ll stay with Flossie Mae until I can get a critical care nurse in here.” ..."
"... stay with Flossie Mae until I can get a critical care nurse in here.” Penny hated transporting a critical patient in an ambulance and opened her mouth to protest, but she couldn’t think of a believable excuse. In the ER, two emergency medical technicians were strapping a young man onto ..."
"...Penny climbed into the back of the ambulance with her stethoscope and turned on the portable EKG machine. After loading the patient and securing his stretcher, Earl jumped into the back with her and helped her to connect the oxygen and the heart monitor. The IV site was not red or swollen, and Penny pinched ..."
"... shortening the time she was in charge sounded good. “Let’s go emergency traffic.” Its siren screaming, the ambulance accelerated, and Penny had to shout to be heard. “Where did they find him?” “He had passed out in a car registered to some old woman but the police couldn’t find ..."
"...With the ambulance bouncing them all over the place, Penny couldn’t tell if his chest was rising and falling, so she positioned her stethoscope below his collarbones and listened for breath sounds. “I can’t hear any air entering. Try bagging him and let me listen again.” This time his ..."
"... for ABGs. Maureen was right: they wouldn’t use Dixiana’s lab results. They were drawing their own drug screen. Penny gave Report and handed the patient’s papers to the receiving nurse. Relieved of her charge, she helped Bubba straighten up the back of the ambulance. One of ..."
"... At last, they finished eating hamburgers at McDonald’s and climbed into the front seat of the ambulance. Earl drove and Penny sat in the middle, holding her knees together and her feet back to avoid touching anything that might set off the siren or the lights on the way home. ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
"...Penny had been warned about the sisters in Report: they were suing a nursing home because their mother, eighty-seven years old with advanced ovarian cancer, had fallen out of bed. They then brought her to Oncology requesting aggressive treatment. Yet, when Dr. Hutton ordered radiation and the ambulance had been summoned to transport her, they had refused to let her go to the radiation clinic. ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen
"... as Mr. Head’s small, white-haired sister knocked on the door. “I got lost; I only been here wonst. Brother was real sick, a throwin’ up and all, so I called the ambulance. I don’t know what to do anymore.” “Come in,” Penny said. “It’s good you’re here because we ..."

Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen
"... “Your mother died thirty minutes ago. I called Angel Wings, the ambulance service that picks up bodies for Virginia Medical School, but they wouldn’t come because of the holidays, so I’ve called a funeral home. David says it’s fortunate that Mom has her own angel wings.” Penny ..."

Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen
"... Flossie Mae’s dark hair a crow’s wing shine as she divided the first waffle between their plates. “I want to thank you for riding the ambulance with my son,” Flossie Mae said. Penny looked up in surprise. “I didn’t think you knew he was mine,” Flossie Mae continued. “Bob ..."
" pushed himself up again, and Penny glimpsed his face. Most of it was covered by dark, matted hair that hung over his eyes, and Penny was shocked by the emotional impact of recognition. “Buck, listen to me!” she shouted. “You must lie still! The ambulance is coming.” ..."
"... “You must lie still! The ambulance is coming.” Johnny stood in the street and directed the ambulance toward them, and Penny supported Buck’s cervical spine until the paramedic positioned a C-collar and fastened its velcro straps. The police arrived next, illuminating the area with ..."
"...The police arrived next, illuminating the area with their spotlights while the emergency crew loaded Buck into the ambulance. Several curious neighbors approached; one man had picked up Buck’s helmet and carried it with him. The policemen pointed out skid marks on the pavement, a gash in the electric pole, and a wrecked motorcycle in the bushes. ..."

Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty
"...Buck Dalton from Jacksonville CCU to your Unit tomorrow. You know him— he worked in the lab there before his accident. He’s had multiple surgeries, but he’s better now and they need his bed to make room for storm victims. As soon as the interstate clears, ambulance service will transport him. Do you understand?” ..."
"... When the ambulance arrived, the respiratory therapist set the ventilator in Demand Mode so that Buck could initiate a breath himself. The ventilator allowed him to inhale and then it pushed the right amount of oxygenated air into his lungs. If Buck failed to breathe, the ventilator would alarm. ..."

"...her several times in Dixiana, and after she came here I went to her apartment one morning for awhile when I was sick.” Conscious that her words sounded like they belonged in a TV courtroom, Penny continued. “I met her son once, when I rode the ambulance to transfer him from Dixiana up to this hospital, and...” ..."
"... front of himself, picked up a pen and clicked its point in and out. Penny slid her hips against the back of her chair and sat up straight. “I don’t know him! He was unconscious in the ambulance, but I saw him.” The taller officer waved his hands like an umpire calling safe. ..."

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"In a story of evolving relationships, Margaret McMillion breathes life into her characters, especially Penny, who must find..."

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