A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 3: Chapter Three
"...them. The grinning, forty-five-year-old physician swung his arms, spreading the scent of Brut Cologne. His patient, an elderly man recovering from a severe respiratory infection, had accidently pulled out his IV during the night and the nurses, after three unsuccessful sticks, left it out hoping that his antibiotic could be administered by mouth. Dr. Scales usually came to the hospital early and they had not notified him because, on other occasions, he had ranted at them for calling him when he “was about to come to the hospital anyway.” ..."

Chapter 9: Chapter Nine
"...“Yes you could. I bet you’d love it! Knowing people who are willing to go through hell to live just a little longer makes me appreciate my own health–-and we have other kinds of patients, too. We give outpatient IV antibiotics and blood, and when the hospital is full, if we have a room empty, we take non-infectious medical/surgical patients.” ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen
"...Flossie Mae stared out of the window. “Last week, our X-ray machine was broken, and Dr. Scales made me pretend to take a chest film. He told the patient he had pneumonia, and he billed Medicare for the X-ray and an antibiotic injection, but he didn’t order any injection and I didn’t give one. He gave the man a prescription and told him to come back next week.” ..."

Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen
"... can order presents!” Penny’s second charge was an outpatient, admitted for serial treatments for a dog bite. When his antibiotic had infused she disconnected it, changed his dressing, and gave the news he had been waiting to hear, “You can go home now.” Maureen’s first unit of ..."

Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen
"...“Now Penny,” Janet said, “Barb told me that you would want to take care of your friend, but she’s really gone down hill. We’ve given her enough blood to float a mattress, and she’s on her third antibiotic, but her blood culture still grew out bacteria. I just want to be sure you understand that I’ll be glad to take care of her tonight.” ..."
"... don’t want to trigger any more seizure activity.” “But Dr. Benson, I can’t give platelets with her temperature 100.6. Protocol says it must be under 100, and we’re behind on her antibiotics because she only has one IV line.” “Give her the platelets now. Discontinue the ..."
"... must be under 100, and we’re behind on her antibiotics because she only has one IV line.” “Give her the platelets now. Discontinue the antibiotics. At this point, just keep her comfortable.” “So, should I write Comfort Measures Only?” “Yes, and call her son. I talked with him ..."

Chapter 21: Chapter Twenty-One
" John Brown and Watt Weeks. Mr. Brown is here incognito for a rest because his father’s on our board of trustees, but Watt is seriously sick. He’s dehydrated and anemic; he should be a No Code, but he’s not. I’ve already given one round of antibiotics. He’s got high fever, and you’re to start transfusions as soon as you get his fever down. I haven’t had much luck with rectal suppositories, so you might try liquid Tylenol.” ..."

"...“We’ve depleted all his insurance days and Utilization Review is pushing Dr. Hutton to send him to an extended-care facility or home with hospice nurses. We’ve pumped him totally full of blood and antibiotics, but the man’s still got pneumonia and stuff, and Prader’s determined to keep him in our hospital.” ..."

"... from her second stroke. Penny’s patient, Nealy Logan, had a systemic infection and was to receive a four-hour antibiotic, but his IV had infiltrated. The day-shift nurse told them that she had been waiting to restart it until Pharmacy sent the medicine. Maria stuck her head into the ..."
"... to page them to get anybody at night. I’ll try and get you some decent bottoms.” After day-shift left, Maria told Penny, “The antibiotic has been here for two hours; that nurse is just plain lazy.” “It’s all right,” Penny said. “I’m not busy tonight.” She collected an IV ..."
"... shake Penny’s. She grasped Mr. Logan’s hot hand. “I’m going to take your temperature and blood pressure and listen to your chest. Then, if you’ll get into bed, I’ll restart your IV. I’d like to begin infusing your antibiotic so it can finish by midnight.” Maria knocked on ..."
"...because Mrs. Banks, who could see into Flossie Mae’s room from her bed, kept motioning for her daughter to come to her room. Penny had stopped three times for Flossie Mae to go hug her mother, so it was after midnight when she finished and checked Mr. Logan’s antibiotic. The piggyback infusion was completed and Penny clamped it off, recorded his midnight vital signs, and administered his sleeping pill. She returned to 408 where Flossie Mae was describing her son to the security guards. ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"...“I wish I could,” Penny said. “But here’s something to get you ready to go home tomorrow. It’s the pill form of the same antibiotic we’ve been giving you IV, and you’ll continue taking it when you leave. After I check your vital signs, I’ll get out of here and let you enjoy the game, but please call me if you want anything.” ..."

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"Margaret McMillion's PERSONAL BAGGAGE is a very entertaining story of professional life within a corrupt medical community, and the toll..."

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