A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 1: Chapter One
"...Long past the puppy stage, Penny’s dog Zac seized any opportunity to swipe the neighbors’ papers. He dug up flower beds with joyous barking and pilfered trophies from all over town: a cell phone which rang incessantly, several hats from a baseball cap to a bonnet, and innumerable shoes from the porch of their Japanese friends. In fact, until his masculinity was removed, he had distributed his DNA all over town. ..."
"... He looked like he was puzzled about something, and the solution was written on the linoleum. “I thought you liked sports when I married you.” He glanced at Penny with an amused smile. “We went to the football games and you came to all my baseball and basketball games. You know?” ..."

Chapter 2: Chapter Two
"...Once Johnny started telling something he took a while to wind down. He recounted details of his meeting, gesturing with arms made muscular by years of throwing baseballs. His movements gave the impression of controlled strength. Penny inspected his un-parted hair tousled from sleep, his heavy overnight growth of beard, the permanent indentation in his square chin, and the happy dimples that came and went in his cheeks. ..."
"... had originally occupied the whole block. Penny turned into her own driveway as the sun set behind puffy pink clouds. She could see that Johnny’s light blue Mercury Marquis was missing and remembered that he had gone to a Summer League baseball game. The unmistakable odor of snake defecation ..."

Chapter 5: Chapter Five
"... “I guess Johnny would say it’s because I’m too busy thinking about myself. We had an argument about that last night, anyway.” What Penny didn’t say was that for her, the techniques involved in playing baseball were about as interesting a topic as un-labored respiration. “But ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"...In addition to teaching high school history, Johnny assisted Tod Burke, the football coach, who, in turn, assisted Johnny with the baseball team in the spring. Tod’s wife, Betty, taught grammar school, and the four of them were friends. Craving companionship, Penny dialed their number, but no one answered. Betty must have gone to the game with them. ..."
"... She sat up, then walked out into the hall. “Are you okay?” Johnny called from his dark bedroom in which every horizontal surface held evidence of his interests: tiny baseball players, autographed balls, die-cast race cars, and coin books. Penny slid her bare feet forward on his rug, ..."

"... Penny filled two glasses with iced tea and set the table before Johnny reappeared wearing a new baseball uniform. He sat at his place and laid his cap on the table, and Penny stopped unwrapping a new roll of paper towels to admire her husband’s body in the snug outfit. “Wow.” ..."

"...At suppertime, Penny set out a salad bar of chopped vegetables and lettuce, and when Johnny arrived he served himself from the kitchen counter. “It looked like a bad day for practice,” he said, “but when time came for baseball the sun popped out: a good omen, right? The guys really put their hearts into it today! You know?” ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"...Stark naked, she crawled in darkness over boxes of books and old toys until she located the rickety stand on which their old basinet rested. It contained an assortment of baseball uniforms. With shaking fingers she pulled out a pair of pants, then a jersey, and jerked them on. Someone downstairs was opening doors, charging through the house without regard for noise. ..."
"... their newest and most appreciative staff member. Eventually, Penny entered Mr. Logan’s room and found him engrossed in an Atlanta Braves baseball game. “My husband thinks the Braves have a load of young talent this year,” she said. “Yep.” Mr. Logan smirked. “They may have had ..."

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"A nurse juggles jobs at two Mississippi hospitals, aging parents and a stressed marriage in McMillion's novel .... a comprehensive..."

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