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Chapter 3: Chapter Three
"...Penny breathed disinfectant-laced air as she surveyed her home-away-from-home, which appeared smaller than it actually was because of its flowery wallpaper. The room contained eight beds separated by green curtains and arranged around a central desk, above which monitor screens traced the electrical activity of CCU patients’ hearts as well as those of the telemetry patients on South Hall. At the back of the Unit, a locked door, which opened to the ambulance loading zone, was used as an entrance by doctors, each of whom had a key. ..."
"... Eager as babysitters to relinquish their charges when the parents return, two night nurses gave Report on the five in CCU and the six on telemetry, patients they had monitored since 7 p.m. yesterday. Leaving the cramped cubicle, the tired nurses hurried out the door, headed for home and bed. ..."
"... he’s here,” his wife said, “but he’s just sitting down to lunch. I’ll have him call you when he finishes.” “Mrs. Lawrence, we need him immediately in CCU!” By phone, Penny described the patient’s condition to Dr. Lawrence and received orders for a STAT electrocardiogram, ..."

Chapter 5: Chapter Five
"...Finding Mr. Harris’s bed stripped was no surprise when Penny entered Dixiana’s CCU on Sunday morning. Dr. Ghent had told the Harris family a week ago that the old man would not regain consciousness and had recommended moving him to a nursing home, but the Harrises had refused to have him transferred. ..."
"...When Penny re-entered CCU from South, Maureen and Dr. Ghent were in grim-faced discussion. Maureen summarized their conversation. “Brenda said the linen-truck driver told her Dr. Wiseman died Thursday night, and one of the ambulance drivers told Dr. Ghent it was from an accident at the Jacksonville Hospital.” ..."
"... accident at the Jacksonville Hospital.” Heat rushed to Penny’s face as her heart plunged to her Reebocks. Dr. Vera Wilhelm Wiseman had been Director of Critical Care before she moved her practice to Jacksonville and Dr. Ghent took over CCU. Dr. Wiseman had spilled her brilliance all ..."
"... soon, then you can find out what happened.” “I’m on the payroll, but I’m not assigned to any department yet.” “I thought you were going for the opening in CCU.” “I don’t know, Maureen. That CCU is more intense; each patient has three or four specialists and the work up there ..."
"... yet.” “I thought you were going for the opening in CCU.” “I don’t know, Maureen. That CCU is more intense; each patient has three or four specialists and the work up there is hard work, all of it.” “What’s Johnny say about all this?” Maureen’s husband, Carl, had ..."

Chapter 6: Chapter Six
"... recognize what was important. On her way to the shower, she phoned Dixiana CCU. A monitor alarm was ringing in the background when Maureen answered, and the familiar sound comforted Penny. “Hi Maureen. Have you heard anything about Mrs. Spoonhouse?” “Dr. Scales says she’s doing ..."
"...Penny read aloud the numbers on her patient’s unit of blood, and the lab technician verified them with the paperwork. After they both signed the ledger, Penny climbed the deserted stairway to the third floor. The CCU nurse would watch as she administered the blood so that, if she did it correctly, Penny would receive credit on her orientation task sheet and be approved to give transfusions in any department of the Jacksonville hospital. ..."
"...At the bedside in CCU, Penny and the patient’s nurse checked the unconscious woman’s wrist bands against the labels on the blood bag. Jacksonville’s policy was for a nurse to remain in the patient’s room for the first fifteen minutes, so while the blood infused the nurses sat at the bedside watching television. ..."
"... head-injury patient but would not give a condition report. Penny introduced herself to Mrs. Spoonhouse’s nurse. “I admitted her to CCU in Dixiana and transferred her to you this past Sunday. Please tell me how she’s doing.” “She won’t last much longer; she’s got brain stem ..."
"...from the Emergency Room to a neurosurgeon. Maybe she would have died anyway, but Dr. Scales should not have admitted her to Dixiana. Penny had planned to speak to the family in the waiting room but instead found herself in the elevator on her way back to CCU. ..."

Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven
"... bad! She never takes sick days or even a vacation!” “I know,” Penny said. “She’s saving her time off so she can retire early. Well, Flossie Mae, welcome to CCU! We need to start on the baths; I haven’t done either of them.” As Penny and Flossie Mae stood before the linen ..."
"... for the cardiologist to interpret. Mrs. Gwen brought the man’s chart into CCU from South Station so Penny could write the phone order and took the chart and Flossie Mae out to South to demonstrate the way a transfer should be accomplished. After a while, Dr. Scales arrived to check ..."
"... the way a transfer should be accomplished. After a while, Dr. Scales arrived to check on his CCU patient and glanced at Penny as though she had leprosy. He picked up Mr. Aceworth’s chart and stalked to bed seven for a visit. Scales had ordered daily subcutaneous injections of ..."
"... four.” “And you’re in room 301 with Dr. Lawrence’s patient, Mrs. Sasser?” “Yes, why?” The nurse was impatient. Changing batteries was supposed to be the job of CCU nurses. “Thank you.” Enveloped in fear, Penny tried to speak casually, but she knew she must call ..."
"... ready for a transfer. We need to get her on up there by ambulance.” Penny called Respiratory to do the EKG, then asked South Station’s unit secretary to bring the charts of the patients in rooms 301 and 306 to CCU. It was not all Penny’s fault because it would not have happened if ..."
"... to copy it and I’ll be down there as soon as I can.” Presently, the pharmacist himself entered CCU and handed Penny a vial of Vitamin K. “I’m sorry this took so long. I’ve been tied up with sales people.” Penny gave him the carbon copy of Scales’s order. “That’s ..."
"...CCU’s single visitor had left, so Penny closed the hall door. At the medicine cart, she checked the vial of Vitamin K against the order she had copied onto the MAR and drew the prescribed amount into a syringe. She prepared another syringe with 10mls of normal saline ..."
"...Forgetting to breathe, Penny ran to the desk, grabbed the phone, and dialed the number to page overhead. “Code Blue CCU; Code Blue CCU.” She tried to focus her racing mind. “A for airway, B for breathing, C for...what is C for?—um—circulation.... Let someone else push the crash cart over. Get the airway open first!” ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"...After giving Report on the CCU patient and two telemetry patients, Penny dismantled Mr. Aceworth’s chart. She taped the defibrillator print-outs in correct sequence onto a sheet, and completed the code form describing the oCCUrrence and the measures taken. Night shift would close out the nurses’ notes after the funeral home picked up ..."
"... eyelids and her dark brown irises giving her a startled, hyperthyroid look. Penny found scrub pants and a top in Flossie Mae’s size, and they settled down with cups of coffee to take Report on the one CCU patient. “Do you have any children?” Penny asked Flossie Mae when their first ..."
"... was one feisty doctor!” It was after three when the EMTs dropped Penny off at Dixiana CCU. The same RN who had worked last night opened the back door at her knock, and Penny glanced around the empty Unit. “Thanks for covering for me.” “No problem; I was awake when Mrs. ..."
"...Penny had never told Johnny about Mrs. Spoonhouse: how Dr. Scales admitted her to Dixiana’s CCU when she should have been sent straight to Jacksonville. As they walked, she struggled within herself: confidentiality never used to be such a big issue, and Johnny wouldn’t tell anybody. Penny decided to tell him. ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen
"... didn’t make it home until late at night. “Johnny, David called about Daddy—he’s really sick—and in the hospital in a lot of pain. I’m sorry to tell you when you’re rushing, but I’ll go to work in CCU before you wake up tomorrow.” Johnny stopped shedding clothes and slid an ..."
"... knows Number One.” He looked at the floor, shaking his head. “Not no more.” Penny called all the nurses on the CCU staff. Most of them didn’t answer, and the ones she reached had their excuses ready. Before long, an ER nurse pushed a stretcher through the doorway, then paused to ..."

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen
"... in the car, and seeped into her bones. Entering the hospital and walking through the halls toward CCU, every nurse who passed appeared happier than she felt. She experienced a twinge in her right ankle and imagined falling down hard from a bad sprain. But the Unit was warm and comfortable, ..."
"... Later, Penny decided to omit Mr. Head’s morning bath since he was already cleaner than he’d ever been before. As she completed his assessment, there was knock on the Unit door and the dietitian said, “Do you need any breakfast trays? I didn’t find an order for CCU.” ..."
"... Presently, Dr. Scales unlocked CCU’s back door and acknowledged Penny’s presence with a smile as meaningless as that of a jack-o-lantern. He went out to the hall and ten minutes later, with an expression dark as thunder, he strutted back through the Unit and slammed the door. Penny ..."
"... vacated chair. The supervisor was reading a magazine when Penny returned to CCU. Worried that the woman would resent being by-passed in the chain of command, Penny said, “I called our Director of Nurses. Mrs. Baucum is going to die if we don’t do something.” “All right. Thanks ..."
"...“Thank you, Doctor.” Penny broke the connection and called Respiratory, spitting out her words in ragged bursts. “I’m getting a patient into CCU from 327: Mrs. Baucom—she needs STAT blood ­gasses—probably a ventilator—and she’s got labs ordered, so please draw extra blood and take it to the lab.” ..."
"... to the Unit. Suddenly, the door slammed open and bedlam exploded into CCU. Rebecca and the nursing tech propelled Mrs. Baucom’s bed alongside the Unit bed. Mr. Hockney followed, carrying the STAT blood gas results in one hand, shoving a ventilator in front of him with the other. Penny and ..."

Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen
"... go home,” Penny said, resting her head on the table. “Penny.” Leroy Crouch stood beside her with a wheelchair. “You’re through for the night. CCU’s not busy, and I’ve pulled a nurse to finish out your shift.” “Thank you,” Penny said, her mind functioning again. ..."

Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty
"... Eventually Penny reached CCU, where the winter sun melted the icy window panes and spilled light onto the sheets. Pink and blue flowers jumped out of the wallpaper and the steel surfaces gleamed. The whole Unit was washed in snow-blind white reflection from the scene outside. ..."
"... a can of asparagus every day I would have died a long time ago.” Penny called the kitchen. “Mr. Garrett, in CCU four, is on a Diet of Choice, and he would like to have asparagus with one of his meals every day, please.” “Today we’re serving weenies and kraut and we’re short on ..."
"... right!” “Thank you.” Penny replaced the receiver, thankful to be working in CCU. Feeding sick people when you’re under staffed and in the middle of an ice storm must be hard on a person’s nerves, and she could see how looking for a can of asparagus would not be a priority. Penny ..."
"... nerves, and she could see how looking for a can of asparagus would not be a priority. Penny had just served Mr. Garrett’s lunch when the phone rang and she answered, “CCU, Penny speaking.” “Mrs. Pewitt, Dr. Scales here. I’m writing orders to transfer Buck Dalton from ..."
"...“Mrs. Pewitt, Dr. Scales here. I’m writing orders to transfer Buck Dalton from Jacksonville CCU to your Unit tomorrow. You know him— he worked in the lab there before his accident. He’s had multiple surgeries, but he’s better now and they need his bed to make room for storm victims. As soon as the interstate clears, ambulance service will transport him. ..."
"... tonight.” On Sunday morning, Penny drove on slick streets to the Dixiana hospital anticipating an easy day. She moved Mr. Garrett to a telemetry bed on the hall before lunch, then listened for the telemetry alarms while she checked CCU’s par list against their inventory. In the ..."
"... their inventory. In the afternoon, she was reading a paperback Mr. Garrett had given her: a spy thriller by Compton MacKenzie, when the phone rang. “We’re transferring Mr. Buck Dalton to your Unit, and I’ve got Report for you,” a Jacksonville CCU nurse said. “Okay.” Penny ..."
"...“You’ll need to set up a ventilator. We started weaning him several days ago, but Dr. Scales made us stop. He said he wanted to keep him on the vent until he got him back to your CCU. Don’t ask me why! Buck’s ready to breathe on his own—in fact, we’ve had a hard time keeping him from pulling out the ET tube himself. ..."
"...Penny stopped talking and listened, thinking she had heard a noise. She sprinted to the back of the Unit, but no one was there, and Buck appeared asleep. She inhaled and her heart rate slowed as she returned to the lounge. CCU air smelled sweeter when fresh nurses were present to take over the responsibility. ..."
"...Penny awakened with a jolt at 2 a.m. Her thoughts fuzzy, she thought she was in the nurses’ lounge of CCU. She heard the familiar sound of the outside door closing and sat up. In the excitement of Buck’s code, she had forgotten that she had heard something before the alarms started. Somebody went out that door—that was the sound she heard! Whoever it was must ..."
"... and gone out the back door; they couldn’t have come from the hall or she’d have seen them. Electrified, she phoned Dixiana CCU. “I can’t sleep for worrying about Buck. How’s he doing?” “Buck didn’t make it,” the night nurse told her. “He coded again—I’m not sure how ..."
"... came and told us to quit.” Penny was speechless. “Oh, and Penny,” the nurse said, “when the Jacksonville nurse gave you Report, did she mention that Buck had a police guard on him the first two weeks he was in their CCU?” Her words hit Penny like a lightning bolt, recharging ..."
"...“Well, see, I called Jacksonville CCU, to tell them what happened to their patient, and the nurse said she didn’t know if they were guarding Buck to protect him or because he’d done something bad, but everybody missed his guards bringing them doughnuts and pizza. She said that as far as she knew, no ..."

Chapter 21: Chapter Twenty-One
"... when Penny came to the floor. “It’s Flossie Mae Fox.” Penny cupped her hand around the mouthpiece. “Buck died in Dixiana CCU this weekend, and I need to talk to you. It’s crazy up here tonight; I can’t talk now.” “Do you work Thursday?” Flossie Mae asked. “Yes, ..."
"...In a suspended state between sleep and wakefulness, Penny heard again the closing sound of the back door to CCU and turned over. No, it was actually Johnny coming in from the garage. She reached the kitchen before he could remove his coat. “I met Flossie Mae in the cafeteria for breakfast this morning.” ..."
"...out of the Jacksonville paper a few days after Christmas. She said she would have missed it if someone hadn’t told her about it. She thinks Dr. Scales did it or hired it done to keep Buck quiet, and that’s why the police were guarding Buck in CCU—to protect him. She asked me if I would be a character witness for her in court, if she needs one.” ..."

Chapter 22: Chapter Twenty-Two
"... “We didn’t travel for fun; money was tight.” Penny pictured Buck sitting on the desk in CCU telling her of his financial problems and his pregnant wife. “Johnny, Buck was trying to buy a house so his wife and his baby could come and live with him–-he loved them!” The ..."

"... bother Joan at all. “You’ll be fine,” Joan said, patting Penny’s arm like a mother. “Just make rounds, trouble shoot, and assign rooms. The census is low this weekend; CCU is empty and no one’s on telemetry. We’re to send heart patients on to Jacksonville.” “Is Mrs. Gwen ..."

"... the best you can until the appropriate volume arrives. CCU will take over security surveillance duties. The unit secretary will be responsible for watching cardiac and security monitors, as well as continuing previous secretarial duties. Housekeeping and Physical Therapy will be combined. ..."

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