A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 9: Chapter Nine
"... think it would be depressing to work up there.” “Oh no, there’s so much to learn! I’m just starting to get the hang of computer charting, and now I have to go to an in-service on how to retrieve lab and radiology results.” “Does everybody get along?” Kerri asked. “Sure. ..."

Chapter 10: Chapter Ten
"...Penny sat behind one of many computers connected to a teaching module in a newly decorated basement classroom as Ruth Robertson, Clinical Director and part-time Supervisor at JMC concluded her lecture. “Thank you for your patience. We are among the first hospitals in the country to try this and, as we all know, new ..."

Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen
"... the lounge. “Which of you has the new patient?” Barb raised her hand. “I’ve done her admission and started the IV for you, but I haven’t charted my needle stick in the computer. Will you do it?” “I can’t do that—we’re not allowed to chart for each other,” Barb said, ..."
"... and if I put in my access code, everything I enter is attributed to me.” The already-late-leaving worn-out nurse, who was just trying to help, barely controlled her anger as she hunkered down at one of the computers. Steering clear of the computer where Dr. Scales was working, Penny entered ..."
"...Steering clear of the computer where Dr. Scales was working, Penny entered the medicine room and checked her patients’ Medication Administration Records as Dr. Benny Benson approached, holding out a chart for her to see. Penny, pivoting suddenly and misjudging the distance, knocked the chart with her arm. ..."
"...Darlina was asleep, so Penny returned to the desk to load Mrs. Curry’s vital signs into the computer. She sat in the chair Dr. Scales had just vacated, and discovered that he had not backed all the way out of the program he was using, and his access code was still in effect. Penny pushed a key and brought up a list of Dr. ..."
"... Consequently, both Maria and the LPN helped Penny bathe and reposition Darlina’s mammoth body on fresh linens, then Penny straightened the room, emptying the yellow bath water into the sink beside the bed. Finally, Penny approached the desk to enter Darlina’s assessment and vital signs into a computer. ..."
"... blood pressure cuff to her patient’s arm as she had promised. It was 1 a.m. when Penny joined the other two nurses working at computers. She slid into a chair and leaned over to tell Barb, “I met the Colonel.” Barb grinned. “He told me the reason he got here so late tonight was ..."
"... it was beginning to make sense. She gathered her patients’ Kardexes and typed her code into a computer, intending to make sure that all the lab work and X-rays ordered for today had been entered before the lab techs came to Oncology to draw blood around 5 a.m. Eventually, Buck Dalton ..."
"...Barb was working at a computer when Penny pulled on her jacket, so Penny descended the steps alone. In the basement, the door opening onto the parking lot was barricaded and a sign pointed down the hall to the left. Kerri, her eyes thickly rimmed with mascara, talked with two other housekeepers at ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
"...After Report and the transfer of narcotic keys, Penny planned ahead: she would assess her charges and load the information into the computer. “I’ll get vital signs on my patients, Maria,” she told the unit secretary. “I’ve got to be in their rooms anyway, so if you’ll set up for my new patient and get the admission vitals, I’ll do the other two because you’ll be busy with the paperwork.” ..."
"...Dragging the computer-on-wheels to the door of Miss Logan’s room, Penny entered her patient’s vital signs and assessment and waited out the first fifteen minutes of the blood transfusion. Miss Logan had been watching a series of musicals on TV, and Mario Lanza’s operatic rendition of “Golden Days” seemed incongruous ..."
"... Penny’s shoulder. “The fact that she’s mad doesn’t mean you’re to blame.” After Report, Penny perched beside the computer where Barb still worked. “Can you tell me what’s wrong at home?” “Money problems, fights with my husband—you name it. It’s like everybody sends ..."

Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen
"...Security guard Tony Roscoe had been lingering at the desk for a good half hour when Penny deposited her clipboard beside a computer. He held the leash of a big tan dog. For the past several weeks, Tony had increased both the frequency and the length of his security checks in Oncology. Now, he dug inside his ear, inspected his findings, and continued to tell Barb about the complications ..."

Chapter 21: Chapter Twenty-One
"...Picking up her clipboard and stethoscope, Penny accepted the scrap of paper towel on which Maria had written the new patient’s weight and entered the room pulling a portable computer behind her. Sunny Setser, completely naked, sat in the center of her bed beside a wadded-up hospital gown, and her brown-eyed gaze was so direct that Penny could almost feel it on her skin. Closing the door, she shook out the gown. “My name is Penny, ..."
"... mouthed the words, “No, he didn’t.” Toward morning the nurses were working at computers when Barb looked over from checking her labs. “I want to tell you before you hear this from anybody else, Penny—I’m turning in my notice.” Penny gasped. “How can you quit? I thought ..."
"... comin’ cause I never lose—now I’ve got 185 million!” Barb was still working at a computer when Penny passed behind her carrying the cup of coffee for Dr. Storm. “Barb! Did you actually give Mr. Philpot a wake-up call?” Barb nodded, “Yeah, I feel sorry for him.” On Friday ..."

"...In Oncology all the easy-to-use IV pumps had been collected and replaced by new, computerized machines. In-services on how to operate them were available but Barb, working out her notice, didn’t attend. Also, except for Watt Weeks, the entire patient population had changed, and Barb was training Carina Algood, an RN from the Psych Unit, to fill her position. ..."

"... like ER found a good vein for your IV.” Carina had assembled Flossie Mae’s chart and was entering her diet and lab tests into the computer when Penny returned to the desk. “She has an order for vital signs every two hours,” Carina whispered. Penny looked at her. “You’ve lost your ..."

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"In a story of evolving relationships, Margaret McMillion breathes life into her characters, especially Penny, who must find..."

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