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Chapter 9: Chapter Nine
"...Their helper had gone home and Maria was preparing to leave when Leroy Crouch, the night supervisor, came to Oncology. Having started his career as a medic in the Army, he was now in his mid-forties with a paunch, and new patients often mistook him for a doctor because he sounded like an authority on everything. ..."
"...“He says he only ordered one unit and you gave two. What’s the matter with you people?” Supervisor Crouch located the doctor’s order. “Oh I see. I believe we’re in the clear this time—hospital policy requires the word unit to be written out, not abbreviated, and especially not with a V.” He grinned. “I’ll leave a note for the Director of Nurses in the ..."
"... This was the first time, in Jacksonville, that she had been asked to start an IV outside her department. “Word gets around,” Mr. Crouch told her. “You’ll be right back.” On the other side of the fourth floor, the nurses were gathered behind a counter that defined their station. ..."
"...On the other side of the fourth floor, the nurses were gathered behind a counter that defined their station. In the center of the area a circular desk held a revolving double-decker rack bearing the patients’ charts. Leroy Crouch sat down at the desk and a sniffling nurse in her sixties handed him a chart. ..."
"... When we get off let’s go down to the cafeteria and I’ll tell you some serious stuff.” Supervisor Crouch leaned on the counter asking if there had been any changes in their patients during the night. “Dr. Child’s patient put out 1000 mls after IV Lasix, and here’s the incident report ..."
"...Barb paused, looking down into her lap. She took a deep breath. “One night after I came to Oncology, Supervisor Crouch was helping us to initiate a new nurse, taking her on a scare tour of Eye, like we used to do. We had a routine: first we’d set her up—tell about the ghost, and two staff members would leave, like, say they were going for a smoke. ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
"... called the supervisor. “I’ll get another one from Pharmacy, but you’ll have to make out an incident report,” Leroy Crouch told her. That stuff can explode if it’s dropped or gets hot. The reason we keep it locked up is because addicts like to sniff it.” By 5 a.m., after 12 mgs ..."

Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen
"... go home,” Penny said, resting her head on the table. “Penny.” Leroy Crouch stood beside her with a wheelchair. “You’re through for the night. CCU’s not busy, and I’ve pulled a nurse to finish out your shift.” “Thank you,” Penny said, her mind functioning again. ..."
"... then settled into place. “Sit in the wheelchair,” Mr. Crouch commanded. Penny sat, feeling stupid as he wheeled her onto the elevator and through the first floor hallways to the ER, where Flossie Mae helped her onto a stretcher and covered her with two blankets. “You’re probably ..."

"... picked up the receiver at the nurses’ desk. “Hi Penny, it’s Leroy Crouch. I need to pull Maria to Third because their unit secretary had to go home for a family emergency. Do you think you’ll be all right?” “I guess so,” Penny said. “We’ll have four patients ..."
"... patients when we get this new one from ER. You know about her, don’t you?” “Yes,” Mr. Crouch said. “She’s a friend of yours: Flossie Mae Fox, and she’s all worked up over a phone call from her son.” “I do know her, but why are you putting her up here?” Penny tried to ..."
"...As Penny completed Flossie Mae’s admission, two security guards and Supervisor Leroy Crouch arrived on the elevator. The admission assessment had taken even longer than usual because Mrs. Banks, who could see into Flossie Mae’s room from her bed, kept motioning for her daughter to come to her room. Penny had stopped three times for Flossie Mae to go hug ..."
"... out for him. Your son’s name is Bob Fox, right?” Penny thought the second guard looked just as tough, if not tougher, than Tony. They carried night sticks and walkie talkies, but no guns. She walked to the desk with Mr. Crouch. “I don’t hear any music,” he said. “Is this a ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"...Against a wall, she located the crumbling box containing her target bow and arrows: artifacts from college days. Terror cleared her mind, slowed her thoughts, steadied her hands. Crouching over the box, she located the bow string and slipped one end into its notch on the bow. Standing up, she propped the strung end against her bare instep and flexed it, bending the bow in order to fit the opposite end of the string into its notch...almost ..."

"...Crouchge of Dr. Scales’s bashed head popped into her mind, pressurizing her stomach and chest. She stumbled across the patio to the brick retaining wall and Crouched on it, the surface cold and rough through her sweat pants. Folding her arms around her middle to hold herself together, ..."

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"In her new novel PERSONAL BAGGAGE author Margaret McMillion gives us fine details of Southern family life and, she herself an..."

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