A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 1: Chapter One
"... Reva that we know she did her best and that she’s a wonderful person and I apologized for Dad’s acting like that.” “And then Daddy asked her to forgive him?” “Are you kidding? No, he was very agitated, even after Reva said she’d never be back and left, he still looked really ..."

Chapter 7: Chapter Seven
"... mouth gaping. Penny shrugged, “She said Daddy didn’t have enough energy to make love. She was worried about him and she asked me, as a nurse, if I had any suggestions, so I mentioned oral sex. She asked me to describe how it’s done, but I didn’t know she’d tried it.” “She’d be ..."
"... wearing pajamas and squinting against the light, opened his bedroom door. “Can I help you with anything?” “No thank you, Daddy,” Penny said. “I’m sorry we woke you.” “It’s pretty late. Try to get some sleep now,” he said. That was Friday. The next morning, Penny took ..."
"... behind the receding tide. Night birds called and a thousand frogs croaked. “I never knew warm beer was so delicious,” Penny said. She felt lightheaded. “Do you think Mother and Daddy have had a good life?” “I always hoped to take Mom to Europe so she could revisit the places she ..."
"... Equipment.” Too tired to shower, Penny prepared the convertible couch and climbed into it before removing her shoes. On the outskirts of sleep, she mused, “I know Mother and Daddy did their best; I know they love me; but I’ve been more myself since I left home.” That was ..."

Chapter 8: Chapter Eight
"...“After I called you, Mother and Daddy wouldn’t eat lunch,” Penny told him. “Daddy said he was sick and most likely would freeze to death. Honestly, David, it felt like the Klondike in that terminal! After we had waited for three hours they announced another delay while the ground crew changed a flat ..."
"...“The attendants put Mother behind the pilot in a cubicle with no window, so I sat in back of her and Daddy sat across from me. The pilot turned around and asked us to move to the rear TO BALANCE THE LOAD! Daddy refused and he stared daggers at the man—that’s when I got tickled. I couldn’t stop laughing; it was just too much! ..."
"... the key provided for incoming residents. Returning alone to check on her parents, Penny found her mother hobbling around upstairs and her father lying in bed with his eyes closed. She leaned over him. “Daddy, would you like to get up now?” “No!” He bellowed at her, his voice and ..."
"... Then they returned the truck to a U-Haul dealer. So that David could drive his car home, Penny slid from behind the wheel over to the passenger seat and said, “I thought Daddy believed all those things he preached. Just look at him now!” David rolled his eyes and exhaled through his nose. ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"... “I couldn’t do it today.” Penny spread their supper on the table, substituting dishes for the plastic containers. “David called this morning, and they need me to go to Roanoke and check on Mother and Daddy this weekend. I’ll fly back home on Monday so I won’t miss any work.” ..."

Chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen
"... find anything that interests her—I read to her but she won’t listen. I just don’t know what is going on in her mind!” “What are you reading, Daddy.” “I found several worthwhile books in the library; this one is Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.” He lifted the book from his ..."
"... table and showed it to Penny, then laid it down and unbuttoned his shirt. “I want you to see this rash on my back.” “It looks like heat rash to me, Daddy.” “No, it’s not. I was hoping you could tell me what to do about it. I’ll make a doctor’s appointment and find out ..."
"... her mother watching TV, Penny collected Rev. Nichols from his apartment and they set out for a nearby shopping mall. “What would you like for lunch, Daddy?” “I don’t think I can eat anything because my throat is sore and my head hurts.” “I’m sorry—I remember you like ..."
"... tell me what to do about my bowels,” he asked Penny. “My stools have a smaller diameter than they used to have.” “Maybe you are not as constipated, Daddy.” Overwhelmed by so many physical complaints, Penny waited while he ate his half-sandwich. Carrying the three pairs of ..."
"... whether or not the ribbing was too binding. Unable to stand it anymore, Penny leaned over and with one finger easily jerked the sock a few inches away from his ankle. “You mean here, Daddy? These are great! Let’s take this pair.” After supper with her father in the dining room, ..."
"... you go, though, I want you to put more Vaseline on my back.” Penny supplied him with Tylenol from her purse. “When I’m not here, Daddy, don’t forget that you can push your buzzer and the nurse will bring what you need.” He hung his head. “They don’t like me.” While Penny ..."
"... apartment where he lay, fully dressed, on his bed. “Look Daddy, I brought Mother over here so we can all eat lunch together,” Penny said, wondering if his obvious anger was because she had gone to the nursing home before coming to see him. “It would be too hard on Mother! She’s in ..."
"... too small to make a difference. Presently, observing that her mother had fallen asleep halfway into a sermon about God’s love and forgiveness, Penny said, “I don’t believe Mother is in pain, Daddy, or she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep like this.” Rev. Nichols pushed himself up, ..."
"... with a flourish. Surprised, Penny at first thought that her father had not been able to hear her because the TV volume had been so loud, but as he continued to stand before her it was obvious that he was seething. “Don’t you like the sermon, Daddy?”, she asked him. “YES!” he ..."
"... slipped into her purse. It contained a 200-dollar check and a note: “Dearest Penny, Thank you for a wonderful visit. Much love, Mother and Daddy.” Although mentally and physically drained, Penny would have only one night to rest before she was expected back at work on Tuesday ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen
"... tumors in his lungs. They think it’s probably cancer but it would take a biopsy to be sure.” “Oh no! I didn’t pay attention; Daddy told me he was in pain and I didn’t do anything!” “What would you have done? He doesn’t want surgery or even a biopsy. All he wants is pain ..."
"... Carolina, and they have living wills.” Penny interjected, “David, please be sure Daddy has a No Code doctor’s order on his chart. Even if a patient has a living will, without the order we have to start a code until we reach the doctor.” “Okay, thanks—I didn’t know that.... I ..."
"... didn’t make it home until late at night. “Johnny, David called about Daddy—he’s really sick—and in the hospital in a lot of pain. I’m sorry to tell you when you’re rushing, but I’ll go to work in CCU before you wake up tomorrow.” Johnny stopped shedding clothes and slid an ..."
"... he said. “I should have known Daddy was so sick and gotten him to a hospital, and I should have taken better care of Mother and kept her mind from shutting down, and I forgot to call Maureen today. I feel guilty to be healthy...guilty that I’m not doing something for Mother...” “What! ..."

Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen
"...Mama fussed at me, but I didn’t listen. Then one morning when the alarm went off and I didn’t budge, she came out of the kitchen with a sack of potatoes. Mama had pretty good aim and she threw hard and she shouted, ‘In this family your Daddy works and I work and you’re going to get up and work too!’ Daddy just stood with his mouth open. I showered and dressed as fast as I could and got out of there. The room was a mess: the wall, the bed, and the floor, ..."

Chapter 22: Chapter Twenty-Two
"...On her way to the bathroom, Penny said, “Daddy taught me how to find the North Star: it looks like it’s falling out of the Big Dipper. The ‘drinking gourd’ would have to be the Big Dipper.” She turned back to sit at the foot of the bed. “Do you think that when my ..."

"... neck and yawned. “How’s your throat?” Penny asked. “It doesn’t hurt now, but I try not to get cold when I have a sore throat because, and I’ve probably told you this, my Daddy had a sore throat before he got leukemia.” “Yes, and you know that’s not what caused your father to ..."
"... the immune system can’t keep up.” Johnny continued. “Daddy was the school principle so they bused all the kids to our house and walked them by the casket. I couldn’t hardly stand to sit on our front porch and watch them come up the steps.” Penny leaned back in her seat. “They ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"...“I certainly hope you and Daddy were married, Mother.” A blond woman in designer jeans spoke from the bathroom doorway. She turned to Penny holding a tube of lipstick in one hand and a lip-liner brush in the other. “She’s not kidding about the rest, though. I’ll bring VCR tapes of ..."

"...“I didn’t do enough! I didn’t protect Flossie, I didn’t realize Daddy was so sick, and I didn’t go to Roanoke when Mother died. I wish I had done more for Maureen.... I didn’t even notice Callie was sick until she was dying! And I haven’t been a good wife to you—I didn’t understand...” ..."
"...with his thick ones. He leaned toward her, pressing his lips against hers, using his tongue muscles for something beyond conversation. He released her hand and pulled back to his side of the car. “I’ve short-changed you. You know that, don’t you? I saw Daddy die, and I thought I would probably die young, so I tried to pack in too much. I figured if you left me, I’d be better off to keep busy.” ..."

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"Margaret McMillion's PERSONAL BAGGAGE is a very entertaining story of professional life within a corrupt medical community, and the toll..."

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