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Chapter 2: Chapter Two
"...Inside the employees’ entrance a message board directed her to the right along a hall to the hospital’s classroom, where a stack of selected policies adorned each desk. Her mind in a frenzy, Penny read and reread the words, trying to remember everything. She studied a long form with carbon copies which were to be passed along to several departments. Of course! Reporting a questionable event to more than one person made sense. ..."

Chapter 3: Chapter Three
"...Penny breathed disinfectant-laced air as she surveyed her home-away-from-home, which appeared smaller than it actually was because of its flowery wallpaper. The room contained eight beds separated by green curtains and arranged around a central desk, above which monitor screens traced the electrical activity of CCU patients’ hearts as well as those of the telemetry patients on South Hall. At the back of the Unit, a locked door, which opened to the ambulance loading zone, was used as an entrance by doctors, each of ..."
"... tired nurses hurried out the door, headed for home and bed. Penny stepped to the desk to make sure the alarm on each monitor was activated. “It would be nice if we had a tech to watch the screens and take care of desk work.” “We’ll do all right as long as those alarms stay on,” ..."
"...Brenda Bumbalough, housekeeper, was currently assigned to South and to the Unit. With dyed-brown hair and a constant frown, she vacuumed when people were talking and brought down dust from light fixtures and monitors onto the patient’s beds. Penny brushed a powdery film off the desk and made an effort to smile at Brenda through the mote-filled air. ..."
"...After examining his patient, Scales sat at the desk, pulled out the bottom drawer, and rested his foot on it. His black, size-twelve shoe reflected light like a mirror. He was good-looking in a patent-leather sort of way, but his lemon-colored hair reminded Penny of a cut worm, the shiny, cream-colored killer of crops. While ..."
"...Wearing a rumpled jump-suit, Dr. Ghent, in his late sixties, dropped into a chair at the desk. He leaned over to shut the gaping drawer and straightened up, fanning his nose to dilute the lingering odor of Brut. “Stay out of his way as much as you can. He’s going to self-destruct one day and you don’t want to be in the middle ..."
"... and a lab jacket pushed it open and paused, casting an anxious glance around the Unit. The man was new on staff, and Penny had not met him. She waved and stepped around the desk, introducing herself. He bounded forward to hand her the report. “Buck Dalton,” he said, giving her hand a ..."
"... what was in her mouth wasn’t her pills.” Smiling at the story, Dr. Ghent pushed up from his chair, grasping the desk to steady himself. “She’s a retired Navy nurse, a lieutenant commander...could probably teach us all a thing or two.” Penny and Maureen looked down when Dr. Ghent ..."
"...calm down. “Don’t get excited until I do–-I’ll tell you when.” This time, with her stethoscope against the young man’s back, Maureen confirmed what Penny had heard with wide eyes and bared teeth and Maureen remained at the bedside while Penny moved with controlled speed to the desk and grabbed the phone. She paged Respiratory Therapy, then dialed Dr. Lawrence’s office. When told that he had left for lunch, she immediately called his house. ..."
"... the hall. Dr. Lawrence listened to his patient’s chest, then moved to the desk, allowing the X-ray technician and the student Respiratory Tech to do their jobs. The doctor dialed a number and Penny overheard him make arrangements to transfer Dodson to a cardiologist in Jacksonville. Dr. ..."
"...When Dr. Frank Lawrence examined a patient he expected the nurse to take notes on what he said and then to sit at the desk beside him and read back what she had written while he wrote orders. He read each order aloud, asking the nurse if she understood. He seldom missed anything but the process was lengthy. ..."
"...missing. He sighed and ripped open an alcohol swab to decontaminate his stethoscope while Penny phoned the radiologist to retrieve the results. Alarms from the telemetry monitors and the ringing telephone pushed him over the edge and he jumped up, slamming the metal chart down on the desk. ..."

Chapter 4: Chapter Four
"... would be Sunday and another day with Maureen. Penny leaned against the desk as she washed down her last bite of peanut butter cracker with orange juice. “It feels good to rest a minute.... You’d think somebody would notice we missed lunch.” “You got to look out for yourself, ..."
"...Maureen set a cup of fresh coffee on the desk in front of Penny and pulled up a chair. “We can handle whatever they throw in here, you know it? We tore through that like tornadoes in a trailer park! Now. Tell me about JMC—you like it?” Maureen listened to Penny’s description of her ..."
"... lacked the equipment to run them. Penny took afternoon vital signs and rechecked the two remaining patients, then returned to the desk where the new lab tech looked more pathetic than a mourner at a funeral. “Has this place got you down already?” Buck was perched on the desk leaning ..."
"...Buck was perched on the desk leaning forward, his shoulders slumped and his limp arms supported on his knees. He gave Penny a brief sideways glance from under bushy, half-moon eyebrows, then shifted his gaze to the ceiling. “It’s wife’s pregnant and my hospital insurance won’t cover her because I haven’t been ..."

Chapter 5: Chapter Five
"... too sleepy to have just been in a car wreck. Dr. Scales entered the Unit through the back door, glanced at Penny and at his patient, then strolled to the desk. From Penny’s point of view, he resembled a garden worm looking for flowers to kill. Penny followed him out of the patient’s ..."
"...Dr. Ghent’s chest-tube patient was asleep in the recliner, her ­partially-eaten lunch tray in front of her. Penny called the desk at South to ask that someone come help her to put the woman back into bed. In a few minutes, a nursing tech arrived and agreed to stay and take Mrs. Chumley’s vital signs so Penny could return to the new patient. ..."
"...“Mrs. Pewitt, I’m transferring this patient to Jacksonville, not because she’s worse, but because you’re incompetent.” After announcing this to the world, Dr. Scales propped one foot on the desk drawer and wrote transfer orders. He phoned Jacksonville hospital, then proceeded to the waiting room to inform the family. ..."

Chapter 9: Chapter Nine
"...Maria was taking vital signs and Penny could hear her joking with patients about “my big black booty.” Afterward, she would prepare the paperwork for tomorrow and manage the desk until 11 p.m. From 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. Oncology usually operated with two RNs, but tonight a nurse, remaining after day shift, would keep her same patients and stay until eleven, working overtime to help them because today had been hectic and things were still in ..."
"...Red-faced Dr. Child looked about sixteen years old to Penny. He wore a crisp white jacket, and three gold pens gleamed from his breast pocket. Penny stepped behind the desk and looked over Maria’s shoulder at the order, trying to read the cryptic handwriting: “T @ Xmatch IIV PRBC’s STAT and give IV over 4 hours.” It was taken off and noted at 2 p.m. ..."
"... give IV over 4 hours.” It was taken off and noted at 2 p.m. “Her blood’s thick’ll overload her heart!” The tantrum in a physician’s coat pounded the desk. “ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL MY PATIENT?” Penny intervened, “I’m her nurse tonight. It looks like your ..."
"... authority on everything. “Wait,” he called to Maria as he sauntered to the desk and picked up the chart for Dr. Child’s patient. “I understand that you-all are trying to kill patients up here! You’d better tell me what happened; I need an incident report.” “Dr. Child’s orders ..."
"...On the other side of the fourth floor, the nurses were gathered behind a counter that defined their station. In the center of the area a circular desk held a revolving double-decker rack bearing the patients’ charts. Leroy Crouch sat down at the desk and a sniffling nurse in her sixties handed him a chart. ..."
"... on the prowl!” Barb nodded. “Awesome.” But Penny frowned and stood up. Her patient’s call bell was ringing and she hurried off to answer. Barb returned to the desk, and the nurse from Fourth headed downstairs. “What is Eye?” Penny asked Barb when 4 a.m. vital ..."

Chapter 10: Chapter Ten
"... the only information of which she was sure. Before heading home to lunch, Penny ran up the stairs to Oncology to find no one at the desk and the phone ringing. Breathless, she picked up the receiver. “Oncology Department, Penny speaking.” “My buddy’s real sick. He needs to go to ..."
"... can’t drive, call an ambulance. They will bring both of you to our ER.” Penny replaced the receiver as Ellen, the day-shift unit secretary, returned to her desk. “Thanks, I was helping them turn Darlina.” Penny gave Ellen a wry smile. “That was Colonel Philpot.” “I know ..."

Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven
"...A monitor alarm bell sounded, and Penny walked to the desk to watch the strip print out automatically, waiting to see if it was a true dysrhythmia or just patient movement. Of course, the bells rang a lot during morning care, but this strip was for real: a slow rhythm from monitor number four. The label above it ..."
"... coming to transfer him.” Penny sorted the pile of print-outs which had curled up on the desk and taped them in order onto a sheet to put into Mr. Tribble’s chart so copies could be made to go with the patient to Jacksonville for the cardiologist to interpret. Mrs. Gwen brought the man’s ..."
"... blood coagulation. In a few minutes, Dr. Scales returned to the desk and wrote an order discontinuing Heparin and prescribing Vitamin K, the antidote for Heparin overdose. He laid the chart, open to his order, in front of Penny with a stiff, “Thank you, Mrs. Pewitt.” The doctor had left ..."
"... the morning.” A South Station nurse brought the telemetry she had removed from Mr. Tribble, who was now connected to a portable monitor for transfer, and laid the box on the desk because Penny was phoning Dr. Scales’s order to the Pharmacist: “Vitamin K, 2.5 mgs IV.” Penny replaced ..."
"... then he smiled. “And I like to be waited on by pretty nurses.” Penny slowly injected the liquid vitamin into a port on his IV line, then flushed behind it with normal saline and returned to the desk to finish charting. When the loud alarm sounded at bed seven, she looked at Mr. ..."
"...When the loud alarm sounded at bed seven, she looked at Mr. Aceworth’s heart pattern on the screen above the desk. My God! Either his electrodes were off or his heart had stopped! Penny started running before she was out of her chair, sending it crashing backward. Her heart knocked about in her chest as she stumbled to the bed and stared down at the still, ..."
"...Forgetting to breathe, Penny ran to the desk, grabbed the phone, and dialed the number to page overhead. “Code Blue CCU; Code Blue CCU.” She tried to focus her racing mind. “A for airway, B for breathing, C for...what is C for?—um—circulation.... Let someone else push the crash cart over. Get the ..."
"... the nearest physician, strode to the bedside, flipping pages in the chart. “Has anyone notified Dr. Scales?” “I’m ringing him now,” Mrs. Gwen called from the desk. Penny tried to think what to do next: she would have to put on the pads so she could shock him and someone must write ..."
"... ejection fraction.... I’ll take over now. But, thanks for coming.” As the code team members hurried back to their own departments, Mrs. Gwen paged from the desk phone, “Code blue all clear, Code blue all clear.” Penny’s mind slowed and physical discomfort swept over her: a growing ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"... would be more than she bargained for. As quickly as they had come to help, members of the code team returned to their own departments and Penny was left with Dr. Scales. She stood at the desk while he phoned Mr. Aceworth’s family and scribbled in the chart. Finally, he spoke to her. “How ..."
"... he spoke to her. “How did it happen?” Penny’s eyes burned but she did not cry. “I had just given him the Vitamin K. I flushed the line with normal saline, walked over here to the desk, and sat down to finish charting...and he arrested!” “It was an embolus then.” Dr. Scales ..."
"...Alone at the desk, Penny picked up the chart. “Had she flushed too fast? Dr. Scales must think that when she flushed the line she had dislodged a clot, and Mr. Aceworth’s circulating blood had picked it up and carried it into a smaller vessel where it lodged and blocked blood ..."
"...desk had he meant by that wink? Did he believe she had killed the man? She turned to Dr. Scales’s order for Vitamin K. It looked like he wrote IV but it could be IM. She thought she remembered giving Vitamin K to other patients by ..."
"...A nursing tech had come to help clean up from the code and night shift would be here soon. There was no time to think. Someone had laid telemetry unit number four on the desk and turned off the monitor. Penny removed the battery and put it away. Feeling fragmented, scattered as a shipwrecked boat thrown onto a rocky shore, she walked to the bedside of her remaining patient who had slept through everything, and whose skin color and monitor pattern looked ..."

Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen
"... Penny completed her assessment and added ice to the water pitcher beside the bed. Maria beckoned Penny to the desk where Barb was talking with an LPN, sent to help them. Barb had given her a total-care patient. “Thank you for coming!” Penny said. “Please take over my fourteen-year-old ..."
"...Darlina was asleep, so Penny returned to the desk to load Mrs. Curry’s vital signs into the computer. She sat in the chair Dr. Scales had just vacated, and discovered that he had not backed all the way out of the program he was using, and his access code was still in effect. Penny ..."
"...It was bad. Consequently, both Maria and the LPN helped Penny bathe and reposition Darlina’s mammoth body on fresh linens, then Penny straightened the room, emptying the yellow bath water into the sink beside the bed. Finally, Penny approached the desk to enter Darlina’s assessment and vital signs into a computer. ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
"...Penny positioned Mrs. Posey, then retreated to the desk where Maria held a unit of blood. “Nancy North is our new patient. She’s on the way up–-and I forgot to tell you somebody asked for you this afternoon before you got here. She said she’s a patient on Second and knows you from Dixiana.” ..."
"... need to borrow your pen,” the Comfort Companion said. “Mine’s out of ink.” Penny considered replying, “I only do nursing care,” but what she actually said was, “I’ll get you one from the desk.” Penny handed over the ballpoint, and they returned to Mrs. Posey’s room, where ..."
"... I need more pillows and I’m soooooo hungry.” Penny adjusted the thermostat and introduced herself, then proceeded to the supply room for another pillow. As she passed the desk, she asked Maria what ER had told her about Mrs. North. “Her son brought her to our hospital after someone ..."
"...To Penny’s nod he said, “I’ll give you something to chill her out; that Decadron drip has her hyped and hungry. Give her what she wants until we get her calmed down.” He looked up as a grim young man stepped from the elevator and approached the desk. “Penny, this is Mrs. North’s son, Noah.” ..."
"... Her blood sugar was 425. Returning to the desk, Penny found Barb on the edge of tears, but Dr. Hutton said, “Give Nancy IV Valium, 2-4 mgs every hour until she’s asleep. We’ll have to keep her sedated until we can decrease the swelling in her brain.” Penny nodded. Then, suddenly ..."
"... of that it’s lousy at home.” Fresh tears spilled down Barb’s cheeks. Mrs. North’s son appeared at the desk. “I need help with my mother. She’s pulling her IV line, and I can’t do anything with her.” Barb blotted her eyes with a piece of paper towel. “I’ll help him while ..."
"... at Penny. “All right, but I don’t want her to be my nurse. I don’t want her in my room.” When they were back at the desk, Dr. Hutton asked, “Did you do something to make her mad?” “She doesn’t like me, and now she probably blames me because she can’t go home. This has been ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen
"...“May I see you in my office before you go? We’ll just be a minute.” Exuding an exotic odor, Mrs. Digby preceded Penny into the small room that had once been a closet. Stacking up three manilla folders and centering them on her desk, she shook her arms so that her bracelets settled at her wrists, seated herself, and looked at Penny with an expression that would have been more appropriate at the sick bed of a friend. Her lips glistening as if they were painted with Vaseline, she interlaced her arterial-red ..."
"... are our customers, and when customers tell me their problems, they become my problems.” Penny sat across the desk from her boss. Working only at night, she had rarely talked with the woman. Mrs. Digby cleared her throat and searched the acoustic tiles for words. “I’ve received a ..."
"... I can find somebody?” “Sure. Good luck to you.” Mr. Stephens’s visitor approached the desk, “I’m goin’ now. I don’t think old Squeaky knows Number One.” He looked at the floor, shaking his head. “Not no more.” Penny called all the nurses on the CCU staff. Most of ..."
"... be sure you ask her what his nickname is.” Penny wrote the orders, filled out the lab requests and placed them next to Buck, who sat on the desk cleaning his lenses. “I haven’t seen you for a while, Buck. Everything still going well?” He combed fingers through his Brilliantine hair, ..."
"...before replacing his glasses. “It will be, I guess. For right now, I’m working a lot and missing my wife. Basically, I got to hang in there and think about the amenities.” Buck set his feet on the floor and slid his hips off the desk. ..."
"... talk to her,” Penny said. “I’ve already tried.” Penny invited Jane to sit at the desk and offered her the receiver. After a few minutes she gave it back to Penny. “He wants to talk to you.” “If this doesn’t beat all,” Dr. Ghent said. “She won’t let him ..."

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen
"...Returning to the Unit, Penny selected a vial of Aminophylline from the Critical Care Unit’s stock and set it on the desk in front of Rebecca. “She has an order for this to be given as necessary for shortness of breath, but if she’s not better in thirty minutes, I’d call the doctor again.” ..."
"...Penny’s reading was interrupted when a heavily-made-up woman wearing a nurse’s cap, a crisp white uniform, and a badge that proclaimed SUPERVISOR, entered the Unit and settled down at the desk. “I’ll watch the monitor for you,” she said. “Go to room 327 and restart that IV. Dr. Scales ordered Lasix, followed by 500 mls of normal saline to be given over two hours.” ..."
"... to the left. Penny located Mrs. Baucom’s chart at South Station’s desk. She straightened her back, sucked in her abdominals with determination, and moved into a space where trouble resided. Goose bumps blossomed on her arms as she reached for the phone and dialed Dr. Scales. “I ..."
"...The supervisor left to write Scales’s orders on the chart at South Station. Penny turned down the bed closest to the hall door and warmed up the over-bed monitor. Unable to sit down, she straightened the desk and the nurses’ lounge, then began to scribble an account of the progression of events leading up to Mrs. Baucom’s admission to the Unit. ..."
"... a beat. She had never once thought about the woman’s relatives! Dr. Scales turned away from Penny to join the night shift nurse at the desk, explaining to her what he wanted done. It was time for Penny to clock out. When she reached home, Penny found that Johnny had prepared a supper ..."

Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen
"...Security guard Tony Roscoe had been lingering at the desk for a good half hour when Penny deposited her clipboard beside a computer. He held the leash of a big tan dog. For the past several weeks, Tony had increased both the frequency and the length of his security checks in Oncology. Now, he dug inside ..."

Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen
"...After completing her assessment, Penny turned to go and Maureen’s body stiffened. Her head drew back and her jaw clamped shut. Penny pushed the emergency call light and turned Maureen onto her side. Janet darted into the room and Maria, observing the scene from her desk, dialed Dr. Benson and motioned Penny to the phone. ..."

Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty
"...When Penny shook her head, he pulled out the bottom desk drawer and propped his foot on it. “Thank you for taking care of Buck, he’s a good friend of mine.” He winked at Penny as if they were chatting companionably. “I’m very sorry about Maureen’s death; you lost a good friend! Don’t let her death ..."

Chapter 21: Chapter Twenty-One
"... it all right to draw Mr. Weeks’s blood now?” Penny had been so mesmerized by the story that she hadn’t noticed the lab tech come to the desk. “Yes, that’s fine.” She turned back to Barb. “And that convinced him!” A call bell rang and Penny jumped up to answer it. ..."

Chapter 22: Chapter Twenty-Two
"... “We didn’t travel for fun; money was tight.” Penny pictured Buck sitting on the desk in CCU telling her of his financial problems and his pregnant wife. “Johnny, Buck was trying to buy a house so his wife and his baby could come and live with him–-he loved them!” The ..."
"... think that it’s entirely possible.” After breakfast, Johnny dropped Penny at the Columbus Library while he filled the car with gas. She carried The Seven Siblings to the desk and opened it to display the picture of the old house. “It’s only a few blocks from here,” the ..."

"... She made a tsk, tsk sound between her tongue and the top of her mouth as she shook her head. Penny was about to ask the meaning of “off the calendar” when she heard Prader’s voice at the desk. “I have to go home now and teach my blind music students to sight read,” he told Maria. ..."
"... on her own. On Wednesday morning, day-shift nurses awaited Report while Penny, Barb, and Carina huddled at the desk, trying to calculate their patients’ IV fluid intakes. The new pumps had not been cleared at the end of day shift, and they couldn’t figure out how to clear them. “I know ..."
"... “Prader Philpot was Watt Weeks’s old Army buddy, and he was still hysterical when I got to work. He didn’t leave until after eleven last night, and then he came back when we were starting four o’clock vital signs this morning. He staggered up to the desk dressed in fatigues shouting, ‘I been shot all to hell.’ He took off his shirt to show us, and he had drawn red and black magic-marker wounds on his chest and his abdomen and both of his arms. We loaded him into a wheel chair, and Barb ..."
"... some oxygen with her gasps. After thirty minutes, Loretta’s skin had pinked up and she breathed more easily. Leaving Joan in the room, Penny trudged back to the desk. Hansel Hall, Director of Respiratory Therapy, had arrived to check the charts for new orders. “Mr. Hall, I set up oxygen ..."
"... “I’ll stay here.” Penny returned to the phone at the desk. She described Scales’s callous disregard for the child’s condition to the new Chief of Staff, a young man who moved to Dixiana last year. She had heard that he was competent, but did not know him well. “Call Dr. Scales ..."
"... many times are you going to call me?” Mr. Hall had arrived at the desk and reached for the receiver. “This is an emergency, Doctor,” he said. “One pupil is dilated and the other does not react to light. We need you right now!” Penny rushed back to 104 while Mr. Hall talked ..."
"... Presently, Scales arrived. He took off his suit coat and laid it over the back of one of the desk chairs. Penny handed him Loretta’s chart, opened to the new lab values which showed her blood sugar to be dangerously high. “We haven’t been able to get a urine specimen yet,” she told him. ..."
"... need a room. I just thought you’d want to know what’s going on back here.” The on-call ER physician was reading a magazine at the desk, and Penny asked him which IV fluid should not be given by clysis. “D5W,” he said. “Dextrose makes it hypertonic so it pulls fluid out of the ..."

"... can finish by midnight.” Maria knocked on the door. “I’ll take his vitals. Supervisor wants you on the phone.” Penny picked up the receiver at the nurses’ desk. “Hi Penny, it’s Leroy Crouch. I need to pull Maria to Third because their unit secretary had to go home for a family ..."
"... like ER found a good vein for your IV.” Carina had assembled Flossie Mae’s chart and was entering her diet and lab tests into the computer when Penny returned to the desk. “She has an order for vital signs every two hours,” Carina whispered. Penny looked at her. “You’ve lost your ..."
"... out for him. Your son’s name is Bob Fox, right?” Penny thought the second guard looked just as tough, if not tougher, than Tony. They carried night sticks and walkie talkies, but no guns. She walked to the desk with Mr. Crouch. “I don’t hear any music,” he said. “Is this a ..."
"... Leroy chuckled. “If it had been Spate, he would have turned it right back on.” The desk phone rang and Leroy answered it. “Sorry. I must have left my beeper downstairs.... I turned off their overhead.... Tell them to bring her up here, that’ll free up one ER bed, anyway.” He ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"... and I’ll take the other new one and keep my little Josephine Banks.” Penny had just poured a cup of coffee and joined Carina at the table in the staff room when she recognized Prader Philpot standing out at the desk. Prader shuffled into the room and scowled at her. “Can I buy a cup of ..."
"... Memorial Funeral Home, so now I’m half-owner,” he said. Maria called Security on the desk phone while the other two day-shift nurses drifted into the staff room, bringing the total to five nurses gathered around Prader. He perked up for his audience. “I’m studyin’ to make a ..."
"... said. While the overhead speakers serenaded them with The Tennessee Waltz, Carina settled into a chair at the desk and Penny and Flossie Mae carried linens to Mrs. Banks’s room. After a day of clatter and alarms, quiet-time settled over the floor like a blanket draped over a bed. Penny ..."
"... Mae, lurching forward, collapsed in her mother’s doorway, her legs and trunk still in the room. Carina shouted into the desk telephone, “Emergency in Oncology! Emergency! Security STAT!” Penny raced toward Flossie Mae’s sprawled, face-down body. She knelt beside her, trying to ..."
"...finishes up. It’s almost done.” Penny poured herself a small amount of coffee and drank it straight. Outside 408, she re-clothed herself in protective garb, disconnected Shenelle Sharp’s empty chemo tubing and bag, and flushed the site without waking her. As she walked behind the desk to rejoin Corina in the lounge, five policemen stepped off of the elevator. ..."

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"In a story of evolving relationships, Margaret McMillion breathes life into her characters, especially Penny, who must find..."

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