A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder

Do you think a longer period with mandated counseling would reduce the US divorce rate?


A longer waiting period with mandated counseling might help if both parties wanted to work out their differences. In PERSONAL BAGGAGE, Penny and Johnny, with three children, are financially dependent upon each other and neither of them is looking elsewhere for love so they stay together.

When money is not an issue, as is the case for the celebrities we read about, jumping in and out of marriage doesn’t seem to be a very big deal. In many cases, by the time divorce is considered, one party has already found another love or simply wants out of an unhappy situation.

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Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"... now things seem better. At least, I hope they’re better for you.” Penny felt as though an ice cube had slipped down into her stomach. “You mean you thought we were going to divorce?” Her voice sounded like a croak. “I didn’t know what would happen.” Johnny spoke casually, as ..."

Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen
"...held the leash of a big tan dog. For the past several weeks, Tony had increased both the frequency and the length of his security checks in Oncology. Now, he dug inside his ear, inspected his findings, and continued to tell Barb about the complications of his divorce. ..."

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Do you think a longer period with mandated counseling would reduce the US divorce rate?

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"In a story of evolving relationships, Margaret McMillion breathes life into her characters, especially Penny, who must find..."

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