A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 1: Chapter One
"... illness, the agonizing six weeks before leukemia killed him, and the lost little boy he became at the age of seven. “And hickory dickory dock,” Johnny said. Penny looked at him. “You’re not listening. Why did you ask me if you didn’t want to know? You don’t give a flip ..."

Chapter 7: Chapter Seven
"...a Presbyterian church in Charleston, Reverend Nichols had purchased his retirement home, an old summer cottage on Sullivans Island. He had done most of the work on the property himself: winterized the house and added two bathrooms, built a garage with a workshop, and sank pilings for the dock using a garden hose. He loved gardening and sharing vegetables, figs, and blueberries with the neighbors. He had won prizes for his camellia blossoms. ..."
"...Moreover, he had a special affection for birds. With a mere whistle, he would call a whole flock of seagulls to the end of his dock. One particular mockingbird family maintained residence on the site and could be counted on to mimic his whistle and to provide appropriate music for watching sunsets across the Cooper River from the screened porch. ..."
"...After supper, young friends from next door brought dessert and stayed to visit while David, Alice, Faye, and Penny walked out onto the dock. They sat close together on the bench Rev. Nichols had made, facing west while the setting sun scattered gold, pink, blue and lavender over the water, its glittering surface dimpled by flying insects. On the opposite bank lights were just flickering on. ..."
"... of the bench. “I told Mother about blow jobs last summer.” Alice gasped and covered her mouth. David placed both feet on the wooden dock with a thud and leaned forward, his mouth gaping. Penny shrugged, “She said Daddy didn’t have enough energy to make love. She was worried about him ..."
"... hot or is this a flash?” David ignored Faye. “Dad was a good preacher. He could make a congregation believe what he said was true. And when you think how he built this dock, and the boat, and wove hammocks...he could do anything he set his mind to.” “You have his charisma,” ..."
"... to her feet. “We’d better get inside fast or we’re gonna itch all night.” David led the way along the dock, up the wooden steps at the bank, and strode across the yard to the screened-in porch. “I wasn’t in the family then,” Alice panted, “but your parents have been ..."
"...The full moon cast a glow on the water and they breathed the salty, fishy odor while the river played its music. Water lapped against the dock pilings, mullet jumped and splashed, fiddler crabs scurried in the marsh, and mud holes popped open behind the receding tide. Night birds called and a thousand frogs croaked. ..."
"... I went into mental health—I saw the need for it first hand.” Faye bent forward to size up her slouched-over siblings, their feet resting against the dock’s railing. “Just look at you two! What happened to your posture?” Penny moaned. “I remember walking around the dining room ..."
"... look at you two! What happened to your posture?” Penny moaned. “I remember walking around the dining room table with a book on my head, but I don’t remember any instructions about correct posture for drinking beer on a dock.” Faye arched her back and pressed both hands against her ..."
"...Suddenly, she was a child again, feeling as guilty as she had felt the time he caught her and Faye singing a jazzed-up version of “The Old Rugged Cross” and dancing in the kitchen. Did he know they were drinking beer on his dock? It would be Penny’s fault, of course. She was still the oldest. ..."

Chapter 8: Chapter Eight
"...were in constant use. The elevators stopped on every floor, top to bottom, and on each Penny, David, and Alice were greeted by elderly figures leaning on walkers and canes. They had to capture an elevator, get rid of its passengers, take it to the basement loading dock, and turn it off with the key provided for incoming residents. ..."

Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen
"... “The sewer’s backed up and while they’re here, they’re moving the air return for the heating/cooling unit away from the loading dock to keep exhaust fumes from delivery trucks out of the hospital.” Kerri placed her mouth close to Penny’s ear. “Can you keep a secret?” ..."

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"A nurse juggles jobs at two Mississippi hospitals, aging parents and a stressed marriage in McMillion's novel .... a comprehensive..."

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