A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 2: Chapter Two
"...“In laundry. Beside the elevator in the basement.” Kerri’s chin quivered as she spoke. “They all laughed at me. They asked for our suggestions on cleaning bathrooms so I told them that at home I run my commode seat through the dishwasher once a week to get it really clean.” ..."

Chapter 6: Chapter Six
"...morning, Penny worked in JMC’s Critical Care Unit with a young nurse who sent her to the laboratory for a unit of packed red blood cells. Penny had read Jacksonville hospital’s procedure for this in the policy manual but actually doing it was another matter. Ignoring the elevator, she walked down two flights on the concrete staircase to the first floor. The steps were narrow and wound around and around, leaving a large open center bordered by metal railings all the way to the basement. ..."
"...Spoonhouse should have been sent straight from the Emergency Room to a neurosurgeon. Maybe she would have died anyway, but Dr. Scales should not have admitted her to Dixiana. Penny had planned to speak to the family in the waiting room but instead found herself in the elevator on her way back to CCU. ..."

Chapter 8: Chapter Eight
"...Moving their belongings up to the fourth floor of the Camellia Building was complicated by the nine-story building’s two elevators which were in constant use. The elevators stopped on every floor, top to bottom, and on each Penny, David, and Alice were greeted by elderly figures leaning on walkers and canes. They had to capture an elevator, get rid of its passengers, take it to the basement ..."

Chapter 9: Chapter Nine
"...From Employee Parking, she went into the basement of the hospital through the staff entrance, planning to burn calories by climbing the steps to Oncology on the fourth floor. The elevator and the stairwell were side by side, and as Penny approached, the housekeeper with a commode-seat fixation called her name, beckoning and holding open the elevator door. Penny sneaked a look at Kerri’s name badge before she was enveloped by her arms and her flowery fragrance. ..."
"... up together.” Although not an easy hugger, Penny enjoyed the goodwill and entered the elevator. She watched the tough-looking housekeeping supervisor sway from side to side like a metronome keeping time to inaudible music and wondered if the woman heard music in her head. The elevator ..."
"...The elevator door slid shut, but they remained in the basement. Kerri’s boss pulled out the red STOP button to hold the elevator stationary, then bent down and opened a small compartment on the wall beside the emergency phone. Reaching within, she depressed a button and the rear of ..."
"... that goes out to the maintenance building behind the hospital.” “I’m not very observant,” Penny said. “I’ve never noticed that the elevator opens to this other side on every floor but the basement!” “I doubt if many people know about the elevator room,” the ..."
"...“I doubt if many people know about the elevator room,” the supervisor said. After the back of the elevator snapped shut, she depressed the red button, then opened the front door and turned to Kerri. “Carry this machine up to Four Main. I want to check today’s linen delivery while I’m down here.” Penny watched ..."
"... When the elevator door opened on the fourth floor, Penny helped roll the large cooling device out into the hall, then waved to Kerri and entered the staff lounge with a renewed sense of self-worth at being part of a medical community where everything was up to date and top of the line. ..."
"...Penny approached the nurses’ area where Dr. Child stood with his back to the elevator, his patient’s chart resting open before him on the counter. He thrust the chart across the counter at Maria and complained, “You mean to tell me you’re infusing the second unit of blood now? What does my order say?” ..."
" we used to do. We had a routine: first we’d set her up—tell about the ghost, and two staff members would leave, like, say they were going for a smoke. That night, I was one of the smokers. We went over to Eye, took the elevator down to Second, and hid in the dark hall ready to jump out, right? But when Leroy brought the new nurse down on the elevator, the door opened and shut three times in a row. The nurse with me jumped in, but I was scared stiff. ..."

Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen
"... to Oncology to draw blood around 5 a.m. Eventually, Buck Dalton stepped off the elevator pushing his lab cart, ready for morning sticks. Seeing Penny, he mimicked astonishment. “What’s happenin’? Is this the wrong hospital or what!” “Hi Buck. Have you bought your house ..."
"... her. “This is the door I’ve always used.” “Come on, I’ll show you,” Kerri said, walking back toward the elevator, around a corner and down the corridor past the classrooms where they had orientation, and past a door marked Morgue. “Didn’t you tell me that elevator-room door ..."
"... the corridor past the classrooms where they had orientation, and past a door marked Morgue. “Didn’t you tell me that elevator-room door opened to a hallway that went by the morgue?” Penny asked. “Yes, but this is the front of the morgue. That hall goes by the back of the morgue down ..."

Chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen
"...After supper with her father, Penny asked if he would enjoy going to the basement hymn-sing she had seen advertised on a sign posted in the elevator. He refused, saying that the metal chairs down there were uncomfortable, and he was too tired. She would not come back in the morning because her flight left early. He accompanied her to the car, kissed her goodbye, buried his face in her neck for a ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
"...To Penny’s nod he said, “I’ll give you something to chill her out; that Decadron drip has her hyped and hungry. Give her what she wants until we get her calmed down.” He looked up as a grim young man stepped from the elevator and approached the desk. “Penny, this is Mrs. North’s son, Noah.” ..."

Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen
"...It was eleven o’clock, and Maria stood at the elevator with her coat on. “Miss Hattye asked for cake and cream so I got her some from the kitchen. Leroy was down there and he wanted to know how we’re doing, so I told him we have one circling. He said the hospital’s chaplain was notified ..."
"... then settled into place. “Sit in the wheelchair,” Mr. Crouch commanded. Penny sat, feeling stupid as he wheeled her onto the elevator and through the first floor hallways to the ER, where Flossie Mae helped her onto a stretcher and covered her with two blankets. “You’re probably ..."

Chapter 21: Chapter Twenty-One
"... “My son’s expecting a fax. Make sure you take it in to him as soon as you get it.” “Who was that?” Penny asked, watching the elevator door close behind the three dignitaries. “It’s a VIP committee, I guess,” Maria said. “I’ll tell you one thing: no patient has any ..."
"... deep, resonant voice of the weatherman. Penny loaded a fresh pot of coffee and started toward Dr. Storm’s room as a large man entered the hallway from the elevator. “Is Sunny Setser on this floor?” His voice was nasal and his words were hesitant. “Yes, are you a member of her ..."
"...Colonel Philpot approached from the elevator leaning on a crutch. “I been shot in the leg but don’t worry, super glue and cotton balls’ll fix anything. I couldn’t make it back North with the lettuce for Kroger and I lost thousands on that load, but don’t worry, I stopped off in Vegas and ..."

"...Hutton sends Watt to a nursin’ home, his ass is grass and I’m a lawn mower! I’ve got a chopper waitin’ in the parkin’ lot to pick him up. I’ll buy this hospital and level it to the ground!” He wheeled and stomped off to the elevator muttering, “Now, if I can just remember where I left that helicopter.” ..."

"... in the waist with safety pins. The ER nurse who had rolled Flossie Mae into 408 was at the elevator waiting to go down when Penny reached her and asked, “Why didn’t anybody call Report up here? What labs were drawn, and what drugs have you given her?” “I’m sorry,” the nurse said. ..."
"... I’ll have somebody call you.” The elevator opened and Kerri smiled at them from behind a laundry cart, stacked high with blue tops and bottoms. “They must not have distributed scrubs for weeks!” she said, pushing the cart toward the staff room. Penny sat on the bed beside Flossie ..."
"...The connection broken, Penny tried to think, but she couldn’t hear her own thoughts because the overhead speakers, which usually played soft elevator melodies, were skipping from song to song. Concentrating, she heard a minute of harp plucking, then calypso music with bongo drums, then an orchestra playing a symphony. She dialed the operator. “We’re going crazy up here with this music.’s stopped now, but it’s been ..."
"...As Penny completed Flossie Mae’s admission, two security guards and Supervisor Leroy Crouch arrived on the elevator. The admission assessment had taken even longer than usual because Mrs. Banks, who could see into Flossie Mae’s room from her bed, kept motioning for her daughter to come to her room. Penny had stopped three times for Flossie Mae to go hug her mother, so it ..."
"... in the laundry too?” “No. I just brought up your stuff. I used to work down there, though; sometimes I wonder why I quit: the work was easier, people came by and talked to me, and I could see everybody going up or coming down on the elevator and the stairs.” Kerri looked tired. ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"...Mr. Philpot laid it on as Tony walked him to the elevator. “Bud’s with the Yankees now. They called him up and told him to skip all that Little League stuff—he’s so good they signed him up early, and I get a call from the Cadillac place tellin’ me Bud signed my name when he bought a Caddy on ..."
"... does is A-okay by me ‘cause he’s The Bud!” As the elevator door closed, Carina exploded in laughter and Report was further delayed because every nurse had a favorite Prader story to tell their newest and most appreciative staff member. Eventually, Penny entered Mr. Logan’s room and ..."
"...Stripping off her blood-spattered chemo garb, Penny ran to the storage alcove beside the elevator and speed-rolled a wheelchair back to 406. She helped Carina lift Mrs. Banks into it and Carina pushed the patient, staring straight ahead, into an empty room, where Penny helped her transfer Mrs. Banks into the fresh bed. Outside Mrs. Sharp’s room, Penny slipped on another disposable ..."
"...of coffee and drank it straight. Outside 408, she re-clothed herself in protective garb, disconnected Shenelle Sharp’s empty chemo tubing and bag, and flushed the site without waking her. As she walked behind the desk to rejoin Corina in the lounge, five policemen stepped off of the elevator. ..."
"... to three and lifted the bunglesome body bag onto their stretcher. Penny watched as the stretcher disappeared into the elevator, wondering if she was dreaming. Maybe she would wake up and find that none of this had happened. It was after four when Supervisor Ruth Robertson returned, ..."
"... “Mrs. Sharp in 406 is a little squirrely,” Penny said, “but I turned on her bed-alarm, and I don’t think she’ll get up without calling. Her chemo’s finished. Mr. Logan in 409 is going home today.” Penny waited at the elevator while Carina told them about her patients. ..."

"...Penny and Carina rode the elevator down to First and moved through the hallway in silence, each immersed in her own thoughts. When they entered the conference room, two policemen rose from the long table of polished cherry and one of them, a short overweight man, pulled out two chairs before returning to sit ..."
"... of you,” the younger policeman said. “We must be sure we don’t overlook anything.” Riding up to Fourth on the elevator Penny said, “Carina, are you sure you didn’t see his face at all?” “No, just like I told them, he ran by me and went down the steps. I thought Flossie ..."
"...Penny reported to Joyce, changed into street clothes, and clocked out. She entered the stairwell out of habit, but her legs were wobbly, and she wished she had ridden the elevator. She wished she could back up, live last night over and do a better job of protecting Flossie Mae, but it was too late now. She must think forward, not back. ..."
"...on Third and looked up, Dr. Scales was a half floor above her, coming down from Fourth. She experienced a surge of panic and increased her speed downward. At the landing on Second, she stepped out of the stairwell into the hall, and slipped onto the vacant elevator before the door slid shut. She descended to First and as the door started to open, pushed the ‘Close’ button and the door sealed before the people who had summoned it could enter. She pressed the button to take the elevator to the basement, imagining Dr. Scales ..."
"...Penny’s panic grew like a tumor, doubling in mass with every breath. When the elevator stopped in the basement, she pulled out the red knob that held it stationary, then squatted and opened the box next to the emergency phone. Holding her breath, she located the button inside and pushed it in. There was a creaking-snapping sound as the rear of the ..."
"...Penny wondered what would be the worst thing that could happen? The end of the tunnel might be blocked or locked and she couldn’t get out, and when she went back, the door to the elevator room might be locked and she would finally die down here of dehydration and starvation.... Coming down here was certainly dumb, but she was making it even worse! ..."

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"Margaret McMillion's PERSONAL BAGGAGE is a very entertaining story of professional life within a corrupt medical community, and the toll..."

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