A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 3: Chapter Three
"... blades. Dr. Lawrence strode into the Unit from the hall and motioned the helicopter personnel into the nurses’ lounge while Penny and Maureen adjusted Dodson’s pillows and his portable oxygen and the EMTs collected his personal belongings and the copied chart. Coming out of the ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"... think of a believable excuse. In the ER, two emergency medical technicians were strapping a young man onto a stretcher. Penny recalled the names of these EMTs: Earl, who was small and wiry, and Bubba, generously overweight with a bushy, red beard. The ER physician said, “We don’t ..."
"... was one feisty doctor!” It was after three when the EMTs dropped Penny off at Dixiana CCU. The same RN who had worked last night opened the back door at her knock, and Penny glanced around the empty Unit. “Thanks for covering for me.” “No problem; I was awake when Mrs. ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen
"...There’s been a parade of visitors to see him all week: lots and lots of people. He’s a No Code. Liver and kidneys are shut down from septic shock after a bladder infection that became systemic.” She sipped coffee, grimaced, and spooned more sugar. “The EMTs who picked him up told me he lost an eye and one of his legs in an accident when he was young. They said he lived like a hermit, but he would lend money to people without IOU notes: as much as $25,000 to one cousin. Oh, ..."

"...Penny got to Jacksonville Medical Center, so many things had happened that it seemed as though she had been away for longer than four days. A nurse who worked on Fourth had been severely injured when she wrecked her car speeding to the hospital. She told the EMTs that she had been late twice and was afraid she would be fired if she was late a third time. ..."
"... the same on South Station, but the overhead speaker paged her to call ER. “We have incoming traffic,” the nurse who had helped Penny find drugs in Pharmacy told her. “The EMT says they’re bringing us two DFOs.” Penny searched her brain as she sauntered to Emergency. She knew UFO but ..."

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"In a story of evolving relationships, Margaret McMillion breathes life into her characters, especially Penny, who must find..."

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