A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 1: Chapter One
"...When Johnny came to the table his face was crimson; sunburn had erased his freckles. He patted down his damp, sandy-grey hair, pulled out a chair, and sat in front of his plate, pressing a finger against the wireframe nosepiece of his eye glasses. “Thanks for waiting supper. Peter Puckett came by the field to show off his trophy wife, and then I had to finish mowing.” ..."

Chapter 2: Chapter Two
"...Previously blessed with normal vision, she struggled with near-sightedness brought on by aging. At home she kept reading glasses on a chain around her neck, but at work the chain tangled with her stethoscope, so she wore bifocals the entire shift. She cleaned her glasses and put on dangling silver earrings before opening the door into the hallway leading to the family room, which extended into an ..."
"... hospital where they do advanced procedures.” Her voice rose. “I thought this would be a good thing to try.” Johnny removed his eyeglasses and inspected them for smudges. Penny changed the subject because the discussion was futile. As a child she had listened to her father’s mockery ..."
"...Johnny put on his glasses and scrutinized his wife of thirty years, then centered his glass of iced tea on its coaster. “How was my meeting? Well, uh, real tedious would be the best way to describe it. Everybody wanted to express an opinion, and one man thought he needed to ..."

Chapter 3: Chapter Three
"... to brush her teeth and to apply lipstick. From his bowl of Grape-nuts and that day’s paper, Johnny rose to kiss her goodbye. He gave her a cursory glance, then removed his glasses so that their frames wouldn’t tangle. “You look nice.” Her eyes downcast, she smiled. “I hope you ..."
"...thought you meant to let her sleep and not wake her at five o’clock when they usually come to stick our patients. I’ll go get the results for you; they should be done by now.” Penny started toward the door just as a young man in black-rimmed glasses and a lab jacket pushed it open and paused, casting an anxious glance around the Unit. ..."
"... herself. He bounded forward to hand her the report. “Buck Dalton,” he said, giving her hand a ferocious shake. Glancing toward the far wall, he combed his fingers through a mop of black hair which tumbled back down over his glasses, then he turned and retreated out the door. Reaching ..."

Chapter 4: Chapter Four
"... from under his tee shirt. “Maybe you could sign up for overtime or work at one of the doctor’s offices until you catch up.” Penny watched him massage the back of his neck. He removed his glasses and rubbed his forehead. “Do you have a headache?” she asked. “My head feels like ..."
"...cartons of slaw and mashed potatoes. Penny gave him a thank-you kiss before going to the bathroom, where the mirror above her sink revealed dark shadows had reappeared under her eyes. She returned to the kitchen area of their long den as Johnny poured tea into two glasses filled with ice. ..."
"... Exhaustion overwhelmed Penny and she leaned down, slumped out of her chair, and stretched out on the floor. “Are you okay?” Johnny looked down at her, over the top of his glasses. “I’m just tired, in my mind and in my body. From my nose to my toes—I’m too tired to live. ..."
" so hard to remember everything—I’m afraid I’ll miss something important, or give the wrong drug, or even overdose somebody or something. I can’t read the charts or the monitors, much less the med labels without my bifocals, and the tops of my ears hurt from these stupid glasses...” She paused for breath and ripped off her glasses with one hand. ..."

Chapter 8: Chapter Eight
"... to reschedule. Faye, wearing tiny, rhinestone-encrusted glasses low on her nose, raised her hand to address the ticket agent. “Our brother scheduled this trip, and he specified that we needed handicap accommodations. They promised him there would not be any stairs!” The long-faced ..."

Chapter 10: Chapter Ten
"... offered him a sheepish grin and extended the yellowed roll. “It’s an account of how your great-grandmother started Memorial Day. You don’t have your glasses.... Here, let me read some of it to you.” Penny watched the muscles in Johnny’s thick arms working beneath his ..."
"...Penny fetched her glasses and leaned over the sheets. The paper was The Columbus Mississippi Tri-Weekly Index, dated Tuesday Morning, July 23, 1888. The part Johnny had read was on another page under the heading “A Peep Into The Past.” It was an article about the reunion of Confederate veterans, ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"... motorcycle roared up and stopped. Penny called Zac and reattached his leash. “What’cha think?” The motorcycle man lifted off his helmet and ran his fingers through unruly hair, pushing it back from his glasses. “Hello.” Penny tried to remember his last name. “Buck, this is my ..."
"... for food—an unfounded fear—but thinking about money still unnerved her. She slipped on her glasses, accepted the pen from Johnny, pulled a nursing magazine from her bedside table, and laid the papers on top of it. “Don’t you want to know what you’re signing?” he asked. “What is ..."
"... like a croak. “I didn’t know what would happen.” Johnny spoke casually, as though talking about the weather. Removing Penny’s glasses, he placed them on the night table, then cupped his fingers under her chin and kissed her. “Goodnight.” He turned and left the room. Penny, ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen
"...He combed fingers through his Brilliantine hair, pushing it back from his forehead before replacing his glasses. “It will be, I guess. For right now, I’m working a lot and missing my wife. Basically, I got to hang in there and think about the amenities.” Buck set his feet on the floor and slid his hips off the desk. ..."
"...Johnny set the bottle of vodka on the counter, then filled two glasses with ice and Diet Coke. Into one, he dumped a jigger of vodka, stirred, and handed it to Penny. He placed his hands on the counter and leaned on them, his shoulders rounded like a bag of crushed rock, his eyes fixed on the open bottle. ..."

Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen
"...“Tired. Basically, I’m tired.... But I have a new little baby girl and I’m buying a house and I won’t be mooching off my Mom much longer.” He offered Penny a hospital photograph of his newborn, then removed his glasses and wiped the lenses with the tail of his lab coat. “Yeah, livin’ in a camper while your wife and your baby live with your mother really goes against the groin. I’m gonna move them by Christmas.” He replaced his glasses and stuffed his mouth with ..."

Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty
" He brought two spoons from the silverware drawer and placed one beside each bowl, then he set a box of Grape-nuts and a carton of milk between them. Sitting opposite Penny, he jiggled his leg, making the spoons dance on the table. He removed his glasses. “You didn’t take any time off when your parents died, you know. The hospital will understand why you need to be off.” Locking eyes with Penny, Johnny jabbed his glasses frame toward her. “And You Need Time Off!” ..."
"... Need Time Off!” Johnny squinted and inhaled; he exhaled and studied his bowl. Looking up, he replaced his glasses and lifted the cereal box. “We talked about going to Columbus to see if we could find your great-grandmother’s house. Would you still like to do that?” Penny propped her ..."

Chapter 22: Chapter Twenty-Two
"... “I don’t hear well; you’ll have to talk louder.” Johnny took over explaining and pointed to the picture, but the man didn’t see well, either. His glasses, thick as paperweights, made his deep-set eyes appear larger than normal. “My name is Larry Lilly. Come on in and sit down.” ..."

"... A vein in Johnny’s neck pulsed. He pressed the nose piece of his glasses and frowned at his wife. He glanced at his watch, and then tugged at his ear lobe. “It’s after two o’clock so we can’t cancel the motel room.” His voice was strained. “You’re sure about this?” ..."
"... how many on down to the bottom.” Johnny scrutinized her over his glasses’ frame. “You counted them on the way up. What about the dentures in that Fleischmann’s Margarine container in the bathroom? Did you know there would be two uppers in there?” After supper they returned to ..."
"... Johnny entered the room and tossed a red flashlight onto the bed. “There you go. I’m going back down and talk to Uncle Buddy a little longer, it’s only nine-thirty.” He raised his eyebrows and grinned at her. “Sherry tastes better after you drink a couple of glasses, you know it?” ..."

"... Penny filled two glasses with iced tea and set the table before Johnny reappeared wearing a new baseball uniform. He sat at his place and laid his cap on the table, and Penny stopped unwrapping a new roll of paper towels to admire her husband’s body in the snug outfit. “Wow.” ..."

"... go okay?” Penny placed two glasses of iced tea on the table. “Tourists took over our street so I ran on the new walking trail, and I can hardly tell you.” She drew a deep, fortifying breath. “A hawk flew with me, and when it looked at me, it was just unbelievable.” “That is ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"... against chemical splashes. Penny searched the drawers of the cart, but the green masks were the only ones provided. She knew their purpose was to safeguard nurses who didn’t wear glasses, but she would have to wear her glasses inside the shield in order to see. When half of the first chemo ..."

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"PERSONAL BAGGAGE puts the reader front and center in the busy and stressful life of a hospital nurse. I..."

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